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Abortion killed the equivalent of 540 school bus loads each week

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Kent Kelly wrote the following back in 1981:

“NOW–The National Organization for Women–is the largest feminist group in America supporting abortion on demand. Each year, the number of women killed in their mother’s womb is over five times the number of women in this organization.”

He also gives the following statistics:

“The equivalent to 10 large hospitals full of children is killed every day.

The equivalent of 540 school bus loads of children is killed each week.

The equivalent of all the Jews in Israel is killed each 18 months.”

From Kent Kelly, Abortion: The American Holocaust (Southern Pines, North Carolina: Calvary Press, 1981) pp. 8, 9.

Editor’s note. This appeared at ClinicQuotes.

In the ongoing discourse surrounding the impact of abortion, a striking analogy has been made to highlight the sheer scale of the loss: each week, the number of abortions performed is equivalent to filling 540 school buses with children. This comparison provides a vivid and sobering perspective on the magnitude of abortions carried out and underscores the profound human cost involved.

Visualizing the Impact

To truly grasp the enormity of this figure, it’s important to visualize what 540 school buses represent. A standard school bus typically carries around 50-60 children. Therefore, filling 540 buses equates to approximately 27,000 to 32,400 children per week. Over the course of a year, this amounts to over 1.4 million unborn children, a number that starkly illuminates the scale of abortion in a way that abstract statistics may fail to convey.

Humanizing the Statistics

This analogy aims to humanize the statistics, transforming abstract numbers into a more tangible and emotionally impactful image. The sight of hundreds of school buses, each filled with the equivalent number of children lost to abortion, drives home the reality that these are not just numbers but potential lives, each with their own future, dreams, and potential contributions to society.

The Broader Implications

The comparison to school buses serves not only to highlight the scale of abortion but also to provoke deeper reflection on its broader implications:

  1. Societal Loss: Each abortion represents a loss not just to individual families but to society as a whole. These are potential doctors, teachers, artists, and leaders whose contributions we will never know.
  2. Moral and Ethical Considerations: This analogy compels individuals to consider the moral and ethical dimensions of abortion more deeply. The image of busloads of children encourages a re-examination of personal beliefs and societal values regarding the sanctity of life.
  3. Public Awareness and Advocacy: By presenting the impact of abortion in such a stark and relatable way, pro-life advocates aim to raise public awareness and galvanize support for their cause. The hope is that this vivid comparison will inspire more people to engage in dialogue, advocacy, and action to protect unborn children.

Support for Women and Alternatives to Abortion

In highlighting the vast number of abortions, it is also crucial to emphasize the importance of supporting women who find themselves facing unplanned pregnancies. Providing comprehensive support—such as access to healthcare, financial assistance, counseling, and adoption services—can help women choose life for their unborn children. Pregnancy resource centers and pro-life organizations play a vital role in offering these resources and ensuring that women are not left to navigate these challenges alone.


The analogy of abortion equating to 540 school bus loads of children each week offers a powerful and heart-wrenching perspective on the scale of the issue. It serves as a call to action, urging society to recognize and address the profound loss represented by these numbers. Through increased awareness, support for pregnant women, and continued advocacy for the rights of the unborn, the pro-life movement seeks to build a culture that values and protects every human life.


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