National Right to Life Applauds President Trump

We are living in topsy-turvy times where good is bad and night is day. There is a constitutional right to kill an unborn baby, but no right to school-led prayer – and fighting to protect these babies

Irish voters go to polls to decide fate of abortion referendum and unborn babies

By Dave Andrusko As we discussed yesterday, Dublin, Ireland is five hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. So when polls opened at 7, it was 2 in the morning here in Washington, DC. A Yes vote on

Pro-abortionists lament that Pregnancy Centers are thriving in Texas

By Dave Andrusko I confess that I am both appalled and fascinated by the abortion lobby’s obsession with Pregnancy Centers/Crisis Pregnancy Centers. The language they use betrays not only their determination not to understand what these women-helping

Holy See defends the unborn at World Health Assembly

By Paul Stark Yesterday at the World Health Assembly, the annual meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, the Holy See delegation spoke up strongly in defense of unborn children who are threatened by WHO’s

A look ahead to NRLC 2018

There has been in large drop in the number of abortions performed in the US. Why? Dr. Randy O’Bannon, Ph.D., NRLC’s director of education and research, explains the reason is not what the pro-abortion lobby is telling

A Memorial Day Reflection

By Anthony J. Lauinger Editor’s note. Monday is Memorial Day which brings to mind this powerful story written last year by Tony Lauinger. For the past 22 years he has been vice president of National Right to

Perhaps some Memorial Day, in the not-too-distant future….

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation It was a ritual as predictable as the blooming of tulips in the side yard flower bed…the nights of long drives through the steaming countryside…and the child-sized lounge chair

Woman stopped outside clinic by sidewalk counselors speaks

By Sarah Terzo Tina was on her way into a clinic to have an abortion, but while she was walking into the clinic, she was stopped by sidewalk counselors. She ignored them and entered the clinic, but

Very Few Old Media Outlets Note Reuters’ Midterm Election Poll Swinging to GOP

By Tom Blumer Earlier this week, Reuters/Ipsos reported that its generic “How Will You Vote?” poll ahead of November’s mid-term elections had swung into Republicans’ favor for the first time this year, erasing a double-digit lead Democrats

Why our Irish abortion law would be more permissive than the British law

By Dr. Angelo Bottone Our new video points out that the abortion law currently being proposed by the Government goes even further than the already very permissive British law. The British law means one in every five

Justin Trudeau: champion of diversity, or unenlightened despot?

Some of us wish he would practice what he preaches By Brian Lilley To most of the outside world, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the boyish heartthrob of the global, progressive left. He is the poster

New Zealand euthanasia committee delays report by 6 months.

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Euthanasia Free New Zealand is working in coalition with many groups to oppose the legalization of euthanasia. This week the New Zealand Justice Select Committee examining the euthanasia