Cecile Richards celebrates first PPFA clinic in Charleston, SC to offer abortions

By Dave Andrusko The headline in the (Charleston, South Carolina) Post and Courier is the kind that warms the hearts of pro-abortionists: “Planned Parenthood move to West Ashley means the group is doing abortions for first time

“Real Estate for Life”–A great way to donate to NRLC at no cost to you!

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. This appeared in the April digital edition of National Right to Life News. Please share all the contents with your pro-life friends and family. Self-sacrificial as pro-lifers are, you don’t need a

Bishop explains how last-minute meeting between Pope Francis and Alfie Evans’ dad happened

By Dorothy Cummings McLean VATICAN CITY, April 18, 2018 – The bishop who set up the meeting between Pope Francis and Alfie Evans’ father Thomas said the Pope agreed to receive the young father at the Vatican

Another stop on Cecile Richards’ farewell tour celebrates (what else?) abortion

By Dave Andrusko Elsewhere today we have a story about what amounts to another stop in Cecile Richards’s farewell tour as President of Planned Parenthood. This week she was in Charleston, South Carolina, for a ribbon cutting.

HBO’s John Oliver Rants Against the Life-Saving Work of Pregnancy Resource Centers

By Texas Right to Life John Oliver, the colorful liberal host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, predictably took aim at a typical target last Sunday: Pro-Life Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs). This perpetuated the Left’s trend of attacking and

Pro-choicer asks people to choose to listen to the better angels of their nature when their baby has Down syndrome

By Dave Andrusko Chris Kaposy, a bioethicist and the father of Aaron who has Down syndrome, has written a new book titled, “Choosing Down Syndrome: Ethics and New Prenatal Testing Technologies.” This week he wrote a thoughtful

Assisted-Suicide Existential, Same as Suicide-Suicide

By Wesley J. Smith A new “Position Statement” [issued last month] by the American Academy of Neurology has abdicated (in my view) members’ professional obligation to protect the lives of all patients — including the terminally ill

World Changers? Definitely.

By Kirk Walden At Heartbeat International’s Conference last week, we saw and heard the theme, “World Changers,” on banners, during general sessions and at other times throughout the week. Most conferences have themes, serving the purpose of

Dr. Death launches “glorified gas chamber” suicide machine

Even he says it has negative connotations of the Holocaust By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children Philip Nitschke, the “rational suicide” advocate and founder of Exit International, known as Doctor Death, has unveiled a

Pro-Choice activist admits she was raised to “demonize” pro-lifers

By Sarah Terzo In an interview, pro-choice feminist Naomi Wolf admitted that she had “been raised all her life” to “demonize” pro-lifers. “I have to reckon with the fact that many of the people I’ve heard from

Alfie Evans’ dad meets with Pope Francis to ask that he intervene to help Alfie be transferred to hospital in Rome

Pope Francis said to have agreed to “ramp up the campaign to stop his life support being switched off” By Dave Andrusko If the last ditch effort to save Alfie Evans wasn’t already dramatic enough, on Tuesday

Pro-abortionists tout money they will spend in mid-term elections

By Dave Andrusko With the regularity of swallows returning to Capistrano, each election cycle pro-abortion organizations contact their legion of friends in the media to announce they are about to spend a gazillion dollars electing pro-abortion candidates.