Supreme Court will not hear challenge to court decisions denying states right to reroute Medicaid funding away from Planned Parenthood to full service health care providers

By Dave Andrusko A divided Supreme Court this morning turned down challenges from Kansas and Louisiana to lower court decisions which rejected their attempts to reroute taxpayer funds away from Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses to

Jam-packed December digital edition of National Right to Life ready to be read

By Dave Andrusko As of 8:30 this morning, pro-lifers could access and read in its entirety the digital December issue of National Right to Life News. Over the course of the next week (busy as we are

Teenager formally charged with murder and feticide in slaying of 17-year-old Indiana cheerleader who was six months pregnant

Suspect admits killing was over her pregnancy By Dave Andrusko Aaron Trejo, a 16-year-old Indiana high school football player, was formally charged today with murder and feticide in the deaths of Breana Rouhselang, who was 17 years

Ireland to Force Pro-life Pregnancy Centers and Doctors to Promote and Refer for Abortion

By Katie Franklin Seven months after Irish voters overwhelmingly chose to repeal the country’s long-standing prohibition on abortion, Parliament is on the verge of legalizing the fatal practice by January 1. Rife with controversial mandates, the bill

Abortion doctor: We are the kindest people

By Sarah Terzo An abortionist says of herself: “I’m something of an abortion “specialist” …I perform literally hundreds of abortions a year.” In her article, she also says: You would never pick out an abortionist in the

Physician-Assisted Suicide and the Fight for the Soul of Healthcare

By Nancy Valko Despite the US Supreme Court’s unanimous rejection of a constitutional right to physician-assisted suicide in the 1997 Vacco v. Quill decision, the well-funded pro-assisted suicide organizations like the Hemlock Society (now called Compassion and

Human Rights Day: Pope Francis Calls for Action to Protect the Unborn

By Maria Smith, Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post that appeared today. Pope Francis sent a message today, Human Rights Day, to an international conference in Rome on human rights—“Human

Christmas shows us that human beings are really, really important

By Paul Stark, Communications Associate, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life The story of Christmas is about the arrival of Jesus Christ. It’s an event that offers important insights regarding human life and dignity. Here are three. (1)

Christopher Hitchens and the issues he raised for pro-lifers

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. It was seven years ago this week that Christopher Hitchens died. I’d written about Hitchens’ passing at the time of his passing and the issues that came up in that piece, I

Euthanasia deaths in Quebec rising rapidly

Is death-by-doctor becoming normalised? By Michael Cook Quebec’s euthanasia law came into effect three years ago, in December 2015. Since then, 1,664 Québécois have been euthanised, according to a report tabled in the Quebec parliament. A total

Tiny one pound, one ounce baby overcomes grim prognosis, will be home with her family to celebrate her first Christmas

By Dave Andrusko “I’ll be home for Christmas” will always have a special meaning for Sussie Bea Patrick. And no doubt chocolate bars will always be her favorite candy. Born in June, four months early, Sussie has

Having a productive conversation on abortion and how to start it

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Editor’s note. Periodically I ask people how to approach men and women who on the issue of abortion reside in what might be called the borderline (to borrow