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National Right to Life endorses Lou Barletta for Pennsylvania Senate, opposes Bob Casey

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WASHINGTON –National Right to Life has endorsed pro-life Rep. Lou Barletta in Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate election. Barletta will challenge pro-abortion Sen. Bob Casey in November.

“National Right to Life is pleased to endorse Lou Barletta, whose position on life reflects the true values of Pennsylvania’s voters,” said Carol Tobias, National Right to Life president. “There is a stark contrast between Lou Barletta, who supports legal protection for unborn children, and Bob Casey, who has repeatedly voted to give hundreds of millions of tax dollars to Planned Parenthood, which performs about one out of every three abortions in America. Bob Casey is not his father.”

Lou Barletta co-sponsored and voted for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act – legislation to protect unborn children by prohibiting abortion at 20 weeks, a point by which the unborn child is capable of experiencing great pain when being killed by dismemberment or other late abortion methods.

Barletta is challenging Sen. Bob Casey (D) who consistently votes against the pro-life position on abortion. Bob Casey has a dismal 20 percent pro-life voting record in the 115th Congress.

Rep. Lou Barletta’s pro-life record contrasts greatly with Casey’s. Lou Barletta has a 100% pro-life voting record throughout his years of service in Congress. Barletta opposes abortion on demand, and he opposes using tax dollars to pay for abortion.

In a significant move highlighting the ongoing political battle over abortion rights in the United States, the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) has endorsed Lou Barletta for the U.S. Senate seat from Pennsylvania. This endorsement is coupled with a clear opposition to the incumbent, Senator Bob Casey, reflecting the deep divisions within the state and the nation over issues of life and reproductive rights.

The National Right to Life Committee’s Endorsement

The NRLC, a prominent pro-life organization dedicated to advocating against abortion and promoting policies that protect unborn children, has thrown its support behind Lou Barletta. The organization believes Barletta’s commitment to pro-life principles makes him the right candidate to advance their agenda in the Senate.

Lou Barletta’s Pro-Life Credentials

Lou Barletta, a former U.S. Congressman, has a strong pro-life record that aligns with the NRLC’s mission. His pro-life stance includes:

  1. Legislative Actions: During his time in Congress, Barletta consistently voted in favor of pro-life legislation. He supported measures aimed at restricting abortion access and defunding organizations that provide abortion services, such as Planned Parenthood.
  2. Public Advocacy: Barletta has been vocal about his pro-life views, participating in rallies and speaking out against abortion. He emphasizes the protection of unborn children as a cornerstone of his political platform.
  3. Policy Proposals: Barletta has proposed policies aimed at reducing the number of abortions, including supporting alternatives to abortion and promoting adoption services.

By endorsing Barletta, the NRLC aims to ensure that a strong pro-life advocate is elected to the Senate, where he can influence federal policies and support legislation that aligns with their goals.

Senator Bob Casey’s Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Balancing Act

Senator Bob Casey, a Democrat, presents a more nuanced position on abortion that has led to both support and criticism from different sides of the debate. Although Casey identifies as pro-life and has supported some restrictions on abortion, his record includes several pro-choice votes, reflecting a balancing act between his personal beliefs and the broader Democratic platform.

  1. Pro-Life Actions: Casey has supported measures like the Hyde Amendment, which restricts federal funding for abortion, and has backed some restrictions on late-term abortions.
  2. Pro-Choice Votes: Despite his pro-life stance, Casey has also voted against repealing the Affordable Care Act, which includes provisions for reproductive health, and has opposed some measures aimed at severely limiting abortion access.
  3. Public Statements: Casey has emphasized the need to find common ground on reducing the number of abortions through supportive policies for women and families, rather than outright bans.

The Political Context

The endorsement of Lou Barletta by the NRLC comes at a crucial time in the 2018 midterm elections. Pennsylvania is a battleground state with significant implications for the balance of power in the Senate. The issue of abortion rights remains a polarizing topic that could sway voters on both sides of the aisle.

Impact of the Endorsement

The NRLC’s endorsement of Barletta is expected to mobilize pro-life voters in Pennsylvania and attract significant campaign support from pro-life organizations. This backing could prove pivotal in a closely contested race, providing Barletta with the resources and voter base necessary to challenge Casey effectively.

Reactions to the Endorsement

Supporters of Lou Barletta

Pro-life advocates and supporters of Barletta have welcomed the NRLC’s endorsement, viewing it as a testament to his unwavering commitment to protecting unborn children. They believe that Barletta’s election would bring a strong pro-life voice to the Senate, capable of advancing legislation that restricts abortion and promotes life-affirming alternatives.

Critics and Supporters of Bob Casey

On the other hand, supporters of Bob Casey and pro-choice advocates have criticized the NRLC’s endorsement, arguing that Barletta’s hardline stance on abortion could undermine women’s reproductive rights. They highlight Casey’s efforts to find a middle ground on the issue, emphasizing the importance of protecting access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare.

Broader Implications

The NRLC’s endorsement of Barletta against Casey underscores the broader national debate over abortion rights. This race, like many others, reflects the deep ideological divide on reproductive issues and the strategic importance of Senate seats in shaping the future of federal abortion policies.


The National Right to Life Committee’s endorsement of Lou Barletta for the U.S. Senate seat from Pennsylvania, paired with its opposition to incumbent Senator Bob Casey, highlights the significant role of abortion issues in American politics. As the election approaches, the contrasting positions of Barletta and Casey on abortion rights will remain a central theme, influencing voter decisions and potentially shaping the legislative landscape on reproductive rights in the United States.


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