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National Right to Life praises restoration of Adoption Credit Tax

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WASHINGTON – The National Right to Life Committee praised House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) and Republican House leadership for restoring the adoption tax credit in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

“Adoption affirms the unborn child’s right to life, allowing each baby to enter the world as a blessing for another family,” said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life.

While in effect, the adoption tax credit has served as an effective way to encourage adoption by easing the often-steep financial expense that can be incurred by adopting a child.

The right-to-life movement has long promoted adoption as an alternative for single mothers facing unexpected pregnancies, offering them a viable alternative to abortion. Keeping the adoption process easier for families who want to adopt can offer encouragement to those mothers considering adoption as an alternative.

The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) has recently expressed strong support and praise for the restoration of the Adoption Credit Tax. This development marks a significant victory for pro-life advocates who view adoption as a crucial life-affirming alternative to abortion. The NRLC’s endorsement highlights the importance of the Adoption Credit Tax in promoting and supporting adoptive families.

Understanding the Adoption Credit Tax

The Adoption Credit Tax is a federal tax credit designed to assist families with the costs associated with adopting a child. The credit covers a variety of expenses, including adoption fees, court costs, attorney fees, and travel expenses necessary for the adoption process. By providing financial relief, the Adoption Credit Tax aims to make adoption more accessible and affordable for families across the United States.

The Importance of the Adoption Credit Tax

  1. Encouraging Adoption: The tax credit serves as a vital incentive for families considering adoption, helping to offset the often substantial costs associated with the adoption process. This financial support can make the difference for many families, enabling them to provide a loving home for a child in need.
  2. Supporting Pro-Life Values: For pro-life advocates, the promotion of adoption aligns with their mission to provide alternatives to abortion. By making adoption more feasible, the tax credit supports the pro-life goal of offering women facing unplanned pregnancies a viable option that preserves the life of the unborn child.
  3. Alleviating Financial Burden: Adoption can be an expensive undertaking, with costs that can sometimes deter prospective parents. The tax credit alleviates some of this financial burden, thereby encouraging more families to consider adoption as a realistic option.

NRLC’s Advocacy for the Adoption Credit Tax

The National Right to Life Committee has long advocated for policies that support and promote adoption. The restoration of the Adoption Credit Tax is seen as a major achievement in these efforts. The NRLC argues that making adoption financially accessible aligns with their broader goals of protecting life and providing supportive options for women and families.

Reaction to the Restoration of the Adoption Credit Tax

Support from Pro-Life Advocates

Pro-life organizations and advocates have widely celebrated the restoration of the Adoption Credit Tax. They see it as a critical tool in promoting life-affirming alternatives to abortion and supporting families who choose to adopt. The NRLC’s praise reflects a broader sentiment within the pro-life community that this policy change is a step forward in their mission.

Broader Public Support

Beyond the pro-life community, many adoption advocates and family support organizations have also welcomed the restoration of the tax credit. They recognize the practical benefits of reducing the financial barriers to adoption and the positive impact this can have on children in need of permanent homes.

Political and Legislative Impact

The restoration of the Adoption Credit Tax has also garnered bipartisan support in the political arena, reflecting a shared recognition of the value of adoption. Legislators who championed the restoration argue that it supports family formation and provides critical assistance to those seeking to adopt, thereby promoting the well-being of children and families.


The National Right to Life Committee’s praise for the restoration of the Adoption Credit Tax underscores the significant role that this tax credit plays in promoting adoption as a life-affirming alternative to abortion. By making adoption more financially accessible, the tax credit supports families who wish to provide loving homes for children in need and aligns with pro-life values of protecting and valuing all human life. The restoration of the Adoption Credit Tax is a celebrated victory for pro-life advocates and a positive step forward for adoptive families across the United States.


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