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New Hampshire Senate joins House in rejecting move to enshrine abortion in the state constitution

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One may conclude that the outcome was favourable to the proponents of the aforementioned position. On Thursday, the New Hampshire Senate, following the action of the House of Representatives last week, rejected an attempt to enshrine abortion in the state Constitution by a vote of 14 to 9.

According to Holly Ramer, state law prohibits abortion after 24 weeks of pregnancy, except in cases where the mother’s health or life is in danger or where there is a fatal fetal anomaly.

In a previous vote, the House had approved a constitutional amendment to protect abortion rights up to the 24-week threshold, which would have required a three-fifths majority to advance the proposal.

“The term ‘necessary’ could permit an abortion to be performed up until the moment of birth, simply because the woman desired it and a doctor deemed it necessary to comply with that wish,” stated State Representative Katelyn Kuttab.

On Thursday, the Republican-led Senate rejected a similar measure outright, voting 14-9 against a more broadly worded proposal to add language to the constitution protecting ‘personal reproductive autonomy’.

Those opposed to the bill argued that it would effectively permit unlimited abortions up to birth. They contended that the language allowing “medically necessary” abortions would effectively permit any procedure to be defined as medically necessary, thereby allowing all abortions up to birth to be permitted under the amendment.

The Senate Republican majority expressed opposition to the proposed constitutional amendment, stating that it would exceed the desires of the people.

“It eliminates all of the previous legislative decisions,” stated State Senator Regina Birdsell. The proposed amendment would effectively permit abortion up until the moment of birth, with no limitations whatsoever.

State Representative Robert Lynn asserted that there is no imminent threat to abortion rights in the state.


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