“Love Them Both” Kentucky March for Life 2024 draws thousands

By Addia Wuchner

Praise be to God! The rain and chill did not dampen the hearts of Kentucky’s ProLife faithful!

As I attempt to convey my heartfelt gratitude and thoughts for everyone who attended, spoke, and contributed to  “Love Them Both Kentucky March for Life and ProLife Rally” at our Capitol, my words seem inadequate. 

They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so, I’ll share a few highlights of a phenomenally blessed day. 

It was a full day, that began with an incredible blessing to witness the Church filled to capacity and listening to the voices of the youth Schola was so moving. Then seeing so many students, families and throngs of profile faithful fill Capitol Avenue to march and pray in the rain, filling the Kentucky State Capitol to capacity with devoted pro-life individuals and families (we lost count at 2000+) was inspiring for all!

We stood together as one voice, united in love for every precious life. Thank you for standing with love and compassion to protect unborn babies and support pregnant mothers. You are not only saving lives but also contributing to forming a life-valuing culture. The impact of your presence was immeasurable.

Editor’s note. Addia Wuchner is the Executive Director of Kentucky Right to Life.