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Abortion businesses aren’t the place to get help

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The Hope Clinic, one of Illinois’ most controversial abortion facilities, has recently begun advertising its purported “needs pantry” on Twitter and other social media platforms. While some of the items available, such as diapers and formula, are indeed in short supply, it is unclear whether the goal of this initiative is to assist the general population in need or if it is intended for a more limited audience.

It is evident that the “needs pantry” is not a service that is widely available. According to the Hope Clinic website, the facility offers a limited range of services, including abortions, birth control, pregnancy testing, and sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that the majority of the clinic’s clientele are seeking abortions.

Why does this matter?

The tweet advertising the needs pantry indicates that the items available there are available only to patients.

The photograph provides insight into the purpose of the abortion facility’s small pantry. It is evident that the pantry is not merely intended to assist individuals in need; rather, it is a resource for women undergoing abortions and for infants born to these women. The pantry provides snacks for women and diapers and formula for infants. Consequently, while a woman is recuperating in the recovery room following an abortion, she may consume snacks such as Skinny Pop or Doritos, change her infant’s diaper, and provide the infant with a bottle of formula.

The facility’s Amazon wish list shows that abortion facilities are buying more and more items for their playrooms. These items include formula and baby diapers. This seems like a bad idea because it makes it easier for children to be killed in a procedure room down the hall.

Are any of this abortion facility’s services free? It seems not; the Hope Clinic tweet said the “needs pantry” is for patients.

It’s hard to believe that an abortion facility would turn down money from a desperate mother who only wants an abortion because she can’t afford to feed her other children. Instead of helping her feed her children and choose life, they’ll affirm her abortion decision and give her some socks, baby diapers, and a bag of Doritos.

It is of course entirely appropriate to provide food and supplies to those in need. However, the irony is striking: this same abortion facility kills preborn children under the guise of helping those in need and is known to have sent multiple abortion patients to the hospital with injuries. No amount of free diapers, menstrual supplies or food is going to change the fact that this is not a charitable organization that is truly helping people. The facility is a lucrative abortion business.

In contrast, pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) provide resources to women without any conditions or limitations. These resources include food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, and baby supplies. Additionally, women who are pregnant can access these resources without having to first end their child’s life. There are several resource providers for pregnant women in the Hope Clinic area, including Mosaic Health, Thrive, and Our Lady’s Inn.

Live Action recently hosted an online diaper drive to send EveryLife diapers to pregnancy centers. They started with 100 boxes for California, but got so many donations that they expanded the drive nationwide.

A total of 1,700 boxes have been distributed to date, each containing six packages of diapers, to be distributed to families in need who visit pregnancy centers for free assistance. This diaper drive is ongoing, and those interested in assisting may donate here.

It is often the case that families require assistance in raising their children. However, the assistance they require is not necessarily that which is provided by organizations that are not life-affirming. Rather, the assistance they require is that which is provided by organizations that are life-affirming, without the requirement that they end someone’s life in the process.


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