A Clear Contrast Between Presidential Candidates

By Carol Tobias, President

Editor’s note. This appears in the February issue of National Right to Life News. Please share this 45 page edition with your pro-life family and friends.

Polling shows that Americans are most concerned with the economy, immigration, and foreign policy, yet President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are conducting a nationwide campaign focused on promoting ways to kill more preborn children.

The Biden administration is using a “whole of government” approach—using every lever of federal power—to remove any and all limits on abortion and use your tax dollars to pay for them.

The administration seeks to remove conscience protections from medical personnel who do not wish to participate in abortion (or assisted suicide).

They are attempting to use the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) to force hospitals to become abortion centers.

They continue to push pharmacies to work with the Food and Drug Administration to make the abortion pill, mifepristone, readily available and to ignore a federal law that prohibits the transportation of abortion drugs through the mail.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has finalized its rule, so the department continues to “provide abortion counseling and, in certain circumstances, abortion care to veterans and VA beneficiaries.” This rule ignores a long-standing federal statute to the contrary and chillingly refers to the killing of vulnerable, preborn babies as “care.”

The Biden-Harris administration continues to support using Department of Defense funds to provide support and travel expenses for service members seeking an abortion.

Administration attorneys have jumped into almost every lawsuit in the country to oppose laws which place even modest limits on abortion.

And much, much more.

They do this all under the guise of protecting women.

At the same time, the abortion industry, with the full support of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, are doing everything they can to remove “choices” from pregnant women.

They oppose giving women information about the procedure, its potential risks, and alternatives that are available.

They are working overtime to shut down or incapacitate pregnancy resource centers. They don’t want a pregnant woman to know she has alternatives–that help and support is available as she works through what may be a very difficult time in her life.

Some elected officials, including Democrat members of Congress, are pushing legislation that would require the Federal Trade Commission to prohibit what they call “deceptive and misleading information” by the pregnancy centers.

Google and other tech companies are being encouraged to censor information about pregnancy centers when someone searches for pregnancy help.

Abortion activists and some allies in the medical community are even trying to prevent women from changing their mind. They don’t want a woman who has taken the abortion pill to seek medical help to try to reverse the abortion process. At least 4,500 babies are alive today because their mothers changed their mind and were able to save their babies lives.

While this abortion-rabid administration is going to great lengths to remove options from pregnant women and ensure the deaths of precious preborn little ones, the pro-life movement reaches out to help and protect both mother and child. Many state and federal programs are available to new parents because of pro-life efforts and advocacy.

A growing number of states provide tax incentives for individuals who support pregnancy centers; other states provide grants to the centers. Programs in state health departments have been increased in order to provide expanded health care for moms and new babies.

Churches have stepped up to support pregnancy centers or to adopt a new mother to provide the support she needs to raise her child.

It is a reflection of the pro-life attitude of “love them both” that speaks strongly to all but the most hardened and cynical abortion advocates.

The presidential election is shaping up to be another Trump-Biden contest although I, like many others, will not be surprised to see Biden replaced on the ticket by someone just as radical on abortion. The nominee in this race with a proven pro-life record is Donald Trump, which is why he has been endorsed by National Right to Life. (See page one.)

We know that in the foreseeable future, no national law will be passed to either greatly limit abortion or to protect abortion, as the so-called Women’s Health Protection Act would.

What a pro-life president can do is make sure that our tax dollars are not being used to fund abortions in America or to support organizations which promote or perform abortions in other countries; protect conscience rights for medical personnel; cut off funding to abortion providers in the Title X program; support protections for babies who survive an abortion; help connect women with resources that are available in their local communities; and make sure the Food and Drug Administration is dealing honestly with the American public about the dangers of mifepristone.

President Donald Trump did much of this in his first term and he proudly wears the title “Most Pro-Life President Ever,” due to the his many pro-life actions on behalf of women and babies.

In contrast, the Biden-Harris administration recently embarked on a disgraceful campaign to pit women against children, disregarding unborn children as nothing more than a minor nuisance to be swatted out of existence.

We need Donald Trump’s boldness to undo the radically pro-abortion damage the Biden-Harris administration has done. Let’s do everything we can to give him four years to do it.