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Survey show Biden job approval down to 33%

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A subsequent post will address the outcomes of the Iowa caucuses held last night. (It should be noted that Trump won the election with a considerable margin.) This is about another poll that was released on Monday morning which indicated that President Joe Biden, who is pro-abortion, is not as popular as previously thought.

The headline for National Review’s Rich Lowry’s post is “Another Dismal Poll for Biden”, while Gary Sanger’s analysis is “Trump tops his opponents while Biden hits a new low in approval ahead of the Iowa caucus”. The survey was conducted by Langer’s company on behalf of ABC News.

Lowry writes

Among all adults, Biden’s approval rating is just 33% in this poll, worse than Trump’s low as president (36%) and the lowest since George W. Bush in 2006-2008. Fifty-eight per cent disapprove of the job Biden is doing.

Among groups, only 31% of women now approve of Biden’s job in office, a new low (as do 34% of men). In 2020, he won 57% of women.

He’s at 28% approval among independents, a usual swing group; a low of 32% among moderates; and a low of 41% among college graduates, 10 points below his career average in that group.

One might be forgiven for describing the situation as dismal. I believe this is a reasonable assessment.

It is worth noting that, in my estimation, should his approval ratings decline to below 30%, his inner circle would likely perceive this as a sign to urge Biden to withdraw.

Langer’s analyses for ABC News are characterised by a depth of insight and a commitment to fairness and balance. What additional insights does he provide? He employs a meticulous approach to analysing the data.

Biden’s overall electoral standing is poor, as evidenced by Lowry’s summary above. Furthermore, the survey indicates that he is losing the support of the Democratic Party’s traditional base of supporters.

Biden’s approval rating is 21 points below average among blacks and 15 points below average among Hispanics, compared with 6 points among whites; in particular, more blacks have no opinion.

There’s a striking age gap in views of Biden among blacks: he has a 65% approval rating among blacks aged 50 and over, but this drops sharply to 32% among blacks under 50. There are no age differences among whites or Hispanics.

As is often the case, the issue of age is a significant factor that must be considered. In his writings, Langer posits that

Trump has advantages in two other areas. Forty-seven per cent say he has the mental sharpness needed to serve effectively as president, compared with 28% who say this of Biden. And more, 57%, say Trump has the physical health necessary to serve, again compared to 28% for Biden.

In addition, the survey yielded the following findings (underlining added):

90% of Republicans say the economy is in bad shape, as do 74% of independents, compared with 49% of Democrats.

However, Biden has a tepid 65% approval rating among Democrats for his handling of the economy, a career low.

A further discussion of the results will be held tomorrow.


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