Gov. Shapiro working to expand the abortion industry—despite its abysmal safety record in Pennsylvania

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

The pro-abortion bait-and-switch is now complete in Pennsylvania.

Democrat Governor Josh Shapiro’s Administration has taken the money that for 28 years supported life-affirming pregnancy care centers and transferred it to pro-abortion organizations.

Back in the summer, the state Senate, which is led by pro-life lawmakers, agreed to a budget deal which increased funding to pregnancy resource centers by two million dollars. However, as soon as the Governor signed the budget, he announced that he was canceling the contract of Real Alternatives at the end of the year. Real Alternatives administered Pennsylvania’s Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services program, which funded pregnancy resource centers, adoption agencies, and maternity homes throughout the Commonwealth.

The Shapiro Administration has now taken the money that was allocated to alternatives to abortion for nearly three decades and awarded it to pro-abortion groups.

Not only did the Shapiro Administration engage in deception, it has also, in essence, given a raise to pro-abortion outfits which have already been receiving state funds.

The Governor is making it clear: His Administration is bound and determined to build up the abortion industry with taxpayer money.

The abortion business bailout runs counter to the will of the people. A recent poll showed a majority of Pennsylvanians support public funding for life-affirming pregnancy care centers.

The pro-abortion power grab comes at a time when abortions are already increasing in Pennsylvania. Statistics from the  Pennsylvania Department of Health show that 34,838 abortions took place in the Commonwealth in 2022—an increase of 1,632 over 2021 totals.

The Governor has made it clear he has no interest in reducing abortions. In a raw exercise of executive power, he is working to expand the abortion industry—despite its abysmal safety record.

Action Item: Please contact your state lawmakers and let them know you want funding to Real Alternatives restored. You can send an immediate message to your state lawmaker by clicking here.