May men follow the example of Joseph and assist pregnant women in their time of need.  

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

“Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection.”

The quote has been attributed to British statesman Winston Churchill, and it seems so fitting today, decades after the English leader first uttered it.

I found myself in a reflective yuletide mood recently after watching a cinematic depiction of the Nativity. What struck me was that Joseph was the only person Mary could rely on when she gave birth. There was no physician, no midwife–just her beloved husband assisting her.

That reminded me of a couple whose first child entered the world in the primary bedroom of their apartment. No medical professionals were present for the birth. The woman had to turn to the father of her child to safely deliver the baby.   

That baby was me. I don’t know what my mother would have done, had not my father been there to guide her and console her through the childbirth process. 

All too often, mothers of unborn children are abandoned–by the fathers of their babies, by the grandparents of those little ones, and by other relatives. Thankfully, staff and volunteers at pregnancy resource centers are willing to provide the support and encouragement these women need at a critical time in their lives. 

It is my hope and prayer this Christmas that family members, especially fathers, will stand by those courageous women who carry children in their wombs. May men follow the example of Joseph and assist pregnant women in their time of need.