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The decision to abort devastates everyone associated with this inherent evil

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A considerable corpus of literature exists on the emotional distress experienced by women following an abortion. However, the majority of individuals are unaware that abortion is inherently malevolent and destructive, resulting in significant distress for all parties involved, including the mother, the father, and the abortion provider. The medical professionals involved in the procedure, including doctors, nurses, and other clinic workers, are human beings. Repeated exposure to the bodies of aborted fetuses and participation in their deaths can result in emotional distress. — From “Abortion Providers and the Emotional Impact of Abortion”

Over the course of several years, I have come to recognize the veracity of Ms. Terzo’s observation. It is important to note that this is not a universal truth. There are instances where abortionists, despite their public statements and writings, appear to have little regard for their own consciences. However, it is often the case that those in the abortion industry bear a significant burden for the trafficking of women’s misery and the blood of unborn children.

As is her wont in her meticulous analyses, Terzo presents a comprehensive account, citing both the participants and those who have written about their observations at abortion clinics.

The content is disturbing and essential to comprehend.

It is understandable why personnel at abortion clinics are distressed by the sight of a late-term abortion. These are large fetuses who, due to their size, resemble those who are permitted to be born. As one abortion clinic worker informed an author whose work Terzo cited, it is possible to discern a face, hands, ears, eyes, feet, and toes in the fetuses.

However, this abhorrence, revulsion, and subliminal rejection were not limited to infants who were terminated at a later stage of pregnancy. As Terzo notes, an unborn baby has developed arms, legs, fingers, and toes by the eighth week after conception. She cites the case of a woman who had an abortion as a teenager and who subsequently worked in an abortion clinic that performed only first-trimester abortions. She described her role as follows:

“Working in the autoclave room was never easy. I saw my lost child in every jar of aborted baby parts.

Terzo’s research addresses a number of key questions, including the number of women employed in the industry who had undergone an abortion themselves. This is followed by an examination of the reasons why so many women leave the industry, leading up to the question of why so many remain despite the traumatic experiences they have undergone.

She concludes with a call to pray for these abortion clinic workers, a request that may be challenging for many individuals. It is important to note that some have been “won by love” (the title of the book by Norma McCorvey, the “Jane Roe” of Roe v. Wade, which explains her decision to leave her position at an abortion clinic).

The discrepancy between the stereotypical portrayal of pro-lifers and the reality of those who pray for an end to the practice is so profound that positive outcomes have been observed.


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