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The ACLU maintains that allowing abortion in the first trimester is insufficient

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Editor’s note. This statement comes from the Nebraska Pro-Life Coalition which is opposing the efforts of “Protect Our Rights Nebraska” to embed an amendment in the state constitution that would allow abortion up until birth.

A new pro-abortion ballot measure push in Nebraska has the potential to result in the constitutionalization of a right to elective abortions in the second and third trimesters, including up until the point of birth. This is contingent on the measure’s success. The ACLU and Planned Parenthood have announced a constitutional amendment that would eliminate the state law that protects babies in the womb after 12 weeks.

The measure is part of a nationally coordinated effort by the abortion industry and their allies to remove all rights from the unborn, health protections for women, and parental rights. In response to the rollout of the pro-abortion amendment, leaders of the Nebraska Pro-Life Coalition issued the following statements:

The current legislation in Nebraska permits abortion throughout the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. However, this is not deemed sufficient by those in the abortion industry and by activists who are attempting to have second- and third-trimester abortions enshrined in the Constitution. This proposed amendment would permit abortion until the moment of birth, according to Sandy Danek, Executive Director of Nebraska Right to Life. “This ballot measure is not pro-choice; it is, in fact, pro-abortion, and it does not reflect the values of Nebraskans.”

From the outset, those advocating for this ballot measure have been repeating the falsehoods propagated by pro-abortion activists in Ohio, claiming that women are dying without this amendment. The assertion that Nebraska lacks an adequate provision for the protection of the life of the mother is demonstrably false. The confusion they’re sowing not only misleads voters but also endangers pregnant women in Nebraska who require clear guidance on the availability of emergency care, according to Adam Schwend, the western regional director for SBA Pro-Life America.

At 12 weeks, the major organs of the fetus have formed and the heart has begun to beat over 10 million times. By the 12-week mark, it is possible to ascertain the sex of the fetus, discern whether it resembles the mother or father, and observe the infant sucking its thumb on an ultrasound. These observations are made possible by advances in ultrasound technology.

Paige Brown, a spokeswoman for the Nebraska Catholic Conference, made these remarks. The assertion put forth by Planned Parenthood that terminating a pregnancy at 12 weeks and beyond is in the best interest of the mother is, at the very least, questionable and, at worst, reprehensible. This position is contrary to the scientific evidence which indicates that women are at an increased risk of complications from abortions beyond the first trimester.

The proposed amendment would permit a girl who is not yet of an age to obtain a piercing or tattoo without parental consent to obtain an abortion without her parents ever becoming aware of the procedure. This erosion of parental rights is a matter of concern for all parents and guardians in Nebraska. “Women and children deserve genuine, compassionate care, not misinformation from the abortion industry,” stated Karen Bowling, executive director of Nebraska Family Alliance.

Implications of the abortion ballot measure include:

  • The amendment permits abortion throughout pregnancy, with post-viability abortion being left to the discretion of the abortionist. The absence of a clear definition of “health” has led courts to conclude that it can be based on non-medical factors, including mental, spiritual, financial, or familial health. Moreover, the viability of the fetus is determined by the abortionist’s discretion, and thus, does not include any infant who requires “extraordinary medical measures.” These measures could be as simple as a brief stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).
  • The removal of health and safety protections for women, as evidenced by the elimination of language on the fundamental right to abortion “without interference from the state,” places all of Nebraska’s medical safeguards at risk. This encompasses the acquisition of informed consent and the performance of a medical screening, as well as the option of consulting with a physician in person or even seeing a medical professional at all. Furthermore, it would permit the sale of contraceptives by individuals lacking any medical training.
  • The amendment’s use of the term “all persons” rather than “women” in the context of parental rights eviscerates the ability of parents to consent to or even be aware of their minor daughter’s decision to undergo an abortion. Furthermore, they may lack recourse if their daughter is harmed during the abortion procedure.

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