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October marks Down Syndrome Awareness Month, the perfect opportunity to share the truth about Down syndrome Americans and their lives.

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Editor’s note: October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. We have been posting stories, new and old, throughout the month.

I will never forget my eighth grade graduation party. It was held in a restaurant that had a large dance floor at the side complete with a disco ball. I thought I was in heaven. I assumed that she was the relative of someone who owned or worked for the restaurant. She cheerfully expressed her desire to join the party and be part of the fun.

It is alarming that, in as many as 90 percent of the cases in which Down syndrome is detected in a preborn baby, the child’s life ends in abortion. Despite the vast resources available on the information superhighway known as the Internet, many misconceptions remain about children with an extra chromosome.

October marks Down Syndrome Awareness Month, an ideal opportunity to disseminate accurate information about Down syndrome and the lives of Americans with the condition.

The National Down Syndrome Society website succinctly states that individuals with Down syndrome attend school, work, participate in decisions that affect them, have meaningful relationships, vote, and contribute to society in many ways.

It may also be of interest to note that life expectancy for individuals with Down syndrome has increased significantly in recent decades. In 1983, life expectancy was 25 years of age; by 2017, it had risen to 60 years.

Pennsylvania State Senator Scott Martin of Lancaster introduced a resolution condemning the abortion of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome. It was encouraging to see such a high level of attendance at the press conference announcement, with lawmakers sharing personal stories about the individuals with Down syndrome they knew, admired and loved.

Feminist Alice Paul once stated that abortion was the ultimate exploitation of women. Similarly, the termination of pregnancies involving children with Down syndrome can be regarded as the most egregious form of discrimination against individuals with disabilities. Those fortunate enough to have a friendship with a person with a disability quickly forget to focus on the disability and instead marvel at the abilities.

Sara is a senior at Central Bucks High School in Pennsylvania. She and her colleagues recently created a video in response to recent reports about the impact of abortion on children with Down syndrome in Iceland.

The introduction to the video by Sara is noteworthy for its depth of insight:

The individuals depicted in this video are among my most valued colleagues. The first individual to share about their life is Cara Cushing. We have been close colleagues for ten years. We met in second grade and are now entering our senior year at Central Bucks High School South. Cara introduced me to this setting and has had a significant impact on my professional development. Cara and I are in frequent contact. We travel to and from school together, engage in overnight stays, undertake shopping expeditions, and engage in numerous other activities.

The individuals depicted in the video are participants in Camp PALS, an inclusive camp for young adults with Down syndrome. During the summer months, I participated in two week-long overnight sessions at Cabrini University. At PALS, each young adult with Down syndrome is partnered with an individual who does not have the condition. The two participants reside in a dormitory room together and engage in activities with other campers and counselors throughout the week.

In addition, I am a member of several clubs for students with special educational needs at my high school. I am also a member of the Titans Connects club, which is one of the organisations I am particularly involved with. The Titans Connect initiative facilitates interaction between students with and without special educational needs, with the objective of fostering friendships. We arrange activities such as board games, holiday parties and a prom at the end of the year.

“Through this video and other advocacy efforts, I aim to demonstrate to the world that my friends and all individuals with Down syndrome are human beings deserving of respect and dignity. It is important to note that Down syndrome is not a disease. It is not a negative or frightening phenomenon. It is not a solution to eliminate the condition. Furthermore, we should not seek to eliminate those who have it.

Finally, I would like to make one further point. During my tenure as a secular journalist immersed in the pro-abortion culture, I encountered a young woman with Down syndrome on the street. From my perspective, I perceived her as a symbol of significant distress. I was prompted to ask myself, “Why?” I was immediately able to provide an answer: “They are here for you.”

Children with Down syndrome can provide valuable insights for all of us. It is imperative that Down syndrome lives are protected before, during, and after birth. These individuals are a valuable asset to our families, communities, and the global community.


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Daniel was born and raised in New York. After living in China, working for a news agency and another stint at a major news network, he now lives in Arizona with his two daughters.

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