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Doctors put premature baby into sandwich bag to keep her warm

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The smallest baby ever to be born in Wales, described by her parents as a “tiny warrior,” is scheduled to be discharged from the hospital after spending her entire life thus far in the facility.

The infant, designated Baby Robyn, was born with a weight of only 11 ounces (328 grams) and was considered to be extremely premature at 23 weeks and two days.

Upon arrival, the infant was immediately intubated and placed in a sandwich bag. This procedure was undertaken to maintain the optimal temperature of the infant’s vital organs during the period of growth.

At the time of her birth, her parents, Chantelle, aged 33, and Daniel, aged 37, from Malpas, Newport, were permitted to hold their infant, but they were concerned about removing her from the incubator, fearing that she might contract an infection.

“She knew we were there”

Our objective was to restrict the duration of her emergence from the incubator. However, each day, we would place our hands within her reach, speak to her, and she would grasp our fingers. Her father observed, “It was a most pleasant experience.” “She was aware of our presence.” The act of communicating with and being in the presence of the infant. She is aware that she is loved, which serves as a source of motivation for her.

Her father was profoundly moved when she extended her tiny hand for the first time in a gesture of affectionate contact.

At the time, her hands were notably diminutive. The child’s hands were not yet fully developed, and they were not even the size of the tips of our fingers. Consequently, she could just about put her hand over them. It was a remarkable experience, one that was particularly special.

The infant is now expected to be discharged from the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) after 229 days of care. Her parents have indicated that the day of her departure from the hospital will be an emotionally charged one for all parties involved. The staff demonstrated a familial bond, providing unwavering support to the infant during her challenging journey.

A miracle baby

Following intubation, Robyn was dependent on a ventilator for respiration, and subsequently faced another challenge to her life when she developed sepsis. Despite receiving 16 blood transfusions, she once again demonstrated resilience in the face of considerable odds, ultimately surviving.

“She is still engaged in the process of recovery, and that is the reason why we are eager to engage in as much effort as possible,” stated Daniel.

He concluded by stating that they were indebted to her for her resilience throughout the ordeal, and that they must now fight for her.

In a statement, Right to Life UK spokesperson Catherine Robinson said

“Robyn’s story is a sign of great hope for all parents who have premature babies. It is also worth remembering that the abortion limit in the UK is currently 24 weeks. This extreme abortion time limit, which is twice the median time limit among EU countries, means that babies that are the same age as little Robyn in the womb can tragically have their lives ended by abortion”.


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