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Defeating The Ohio Abortion Ballot Initiative

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The Most Dangerous Initiative Ohio Has Ever Faced

On 7 November 2023, Ohioans will be presented with a ballot initiative that, if passed, will represent the most dangerous legislation in the state’s history. Should Issue 1 be enacted, it would result in the constitutionalisation of abortion-on-demand, with no limitations, in the state of Ohio. The gravity of this ballot initiative cannot be overstated. Should this initiative be enacted, the Ohio legislature would be precluded from enacting any future legislation designed to protect the unborn. The issue of abortion would be removed from the control of the state legislature and placed beyond the reach of future legislative action.

It is crucial to acknowledge that this ballot measure would not only permit abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy but also establish minors’ “right” to undergo risky sex-change surgeries and obtain life-altering drugs, such as Lupron, without parental consent.

The following outlines the ways in which individuals can assist.

1. It is recommended that one engage in prayer. It is recommended that each day, at 7:14 a.m. and 7:14 p.m., a period of prayer be undertaken in accordance with the spirit of 2 Chronicles 7:14, which states: “If the people whom I have called by my name humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.”

2. Volunteer – To learn more and to express your support for the cause, please visit createdequal.org/Issue1 or your local pro-life organization. There, you will find information about how you can help defend the Constitution and preborn children in our state.

3. Donations are sought. In order to compete in a state such as Ohio, it will be necessary to raise millions of dollars for the campaign and to purchase paid advertising. Those wishing to make a donation are encouraged to consider doing so at ohiolife.org/donate or through their preferred pro-life organisation.

4. Fourthly, It is of the utmost importance to educate the public on the matter at hand. It would be advisable to commence the process by informing your pastor, priest, and church of the impending ballot initiative. It would be beneficial to enlist the assistance of volunteers in order to facilitate the advancement of this initiative.

5. The fifth item on the agenda is as follows: Please indicate your vote by placing an X in the appropriate box. It is recommended that a vote of “no” be cast on Issue 1 on or before 7 November 2023.

It is important to be aware of the facts surrounding

Issue 1 and its potential impact on women.

The potential exists for the elimination of health and safety standards in Ohio. The proposed legislation would remove the obligation on doctors to examine women prior to an abortion and to inform them of the risks associated with the procedure.

Please elucidate how Issue 1 is perceived as a threat to parental rights.

A minor aged 15 or above may terminate a pregnancy without the knowledge of their parents. The current legislation in Ohio requires that parents be informed and consent to their child’s decision to undergo an abortion if the child is under the age of 18. The aforementioned parental right protections could be removed, as they directly conflict with the amendment which would allow all individuals, including minors, to make their own reproductive decisions.

It is unclear how Issue 1 could pose a threat to the lives of fully formed pre-born babies.

Abortion would be permitted throughout the entirety of pregnancy. It is possible that physicians at an abortion clinic could use a woman’s age or emotional well-being as a reason to perform an abortion in the third trimester.

What are the actual contents of the amendment text?

The first issue is particularly problematic due to the intentionally broad and vague language employed in its formulation. The language is devoid of any limitations with regard to age and gender, thereby encompassing a wide range of reproductive decisions, including abortion and gender reassignment surgery. The consequence of this expansive language will be the dissolution of parental rights and the dismantling of all common-sense abortion regulations.

A prospective analysis of the potential outcomes in Ohio should consider the precedent set by the recent events in Michigan.

The enactment of Proposition 3 in the previous year has resulted in the erosion of pro-life and pro-woman legislation. The state of Michigan has already removed nearly all informed consent documents from its official website. The introduction of this suite of bills by the Michigan Democrats is intended to formalise the aforementioned changes, thereby preventing future administrations from reinstating pro-life and pro-woman protections. Should Issue 1 be passed in the November election, a similar process will be initiated in Ohio.

In a statement released by Protect Women Ohio, the organization’s press secretary, Amy Natoce, asserted that the passage of Proposition 3 in Michigan has resulted in the state becoming a “wild, wild west” where radical abortion ideology has been permitted to supersede common sense and compassionate medical safety requirements, particularly in regard to women and children. Natoce further highlighted the potential impact on parental rights. Ohio should take heed of this warning. The unfortunate consequences of Michigan’s Proposal 3 are becoming evident less than a year after its enactment. “The consequences of the Michigan legislation will undoubtedly be replicated in Ohio should Issue 1 be enacted.” For further information, please refer to the following sources.

The document below provides a concise overview of the potential risks associated with the Amendment text.


The purpose of this article is to challenge the veracity of medical misinformation.

From the Archdiocese of Cincinnati

MYTH #1: In the event of the failure of Issue 1, it is possible that miscarriage care and ectopic pregnancy treatment may be denied.

MYTH #2: Late-term abortions do not occur, or only occur when the life of the mother is at risk.

From Protect Women Ohio


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