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Attorney General Fitch Unveils “MAMA Program,” Empowering Mississippi Women and Families with Public and Private Resources

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(Jackson, Mississippi) Attorney General Lynn Fitch today unveiled Mississippi Access to Maternal Assistance (MAMA), a website that facilitates the connection of pregnant women and mothers to public and private resources from across the state. Please click here to access the media kit.

“Our state is endowed with a plethora of public and private resources, yet it can be challenging to navigate these resources while also adjusting to a changing family,” said General Fitch. “Whether you are a mother-to-be or a mother of three, MAMA.MS.GOV can rapidly facilitate your access to the resources that women and their children require to flourish, including healthcare, nutrition, clothing, security, shelter, employment, vocational training, education, childcare, and a plethora of other services.”

The website was designed with the objective of facilitating direct access to resources and services for mothers in a time-efficient manner. It is organised into nine categories, with each category comprising a specific set of resources and services. The list of categories and some of the services available on MAMA.MS.GOV includes the following:

Pregnancy: One may receive a complimentary pregnancy test or ultrasound, visit a facility offering baby essentials, locate a diaper bank, or participate in a childbirth and parenting class.

Health: In terms of health, it is important to note that there are a number of resources available to assist individuals in accessing the care they require. These include Medicaid, which provides free health services in various locations, as well as mental health counselling, substance abuse/addiction support, and health/pregnancy/childbirth tips. Those seeking healthcare services may enroll in Medicaid, locate nearby providers offering free or low-cost care, connect with a mental health counselor, seek assistance for substance abuse or addiction, or download health, pregnancy, and childbirth tips.

Adoption: Further information on the subject of adoption and other life-affirming options is available upon request.

Food: Those in need of assistance with food can sign up for food benefits and assistance, locate food pantries or a community kitchen, or access free formula.

The following goods are available for purchase: A resource centre can be found in the vicinity that offers a selection of products, including car seats, strollers, cribs, diapers and wipes, maternity and infant clothing, and other household items.

In terms of safety, it is important to consider the following: It is recommended that you seek assistance from a domestic abuse shelter or rape crisis centre, or alternatively, contact a confidential counsellor or request legal aid.

Financial resources are also a significant concern. It is recommended that you apply for financial assistance and government benefits for food, rent/mortgages, transportation, and childcare. You may also wish to learn more about child support enforcement, or find a financial planning and literacy class.

Childcare: It is recommended that you locate a childcare centre in your vicinity or apply for financial assistance.

Jobs: One may search for job openings, enroll in job training courses, or apply for financial aid for college.

“Today marks the inaugural event of MAMA,” stated General Fitch. Over the coming months, it is anticipated that the initiative will expand and provide new and exciting opportunities and resources for Mississippi women and families. It is my hope that MAMA will serve as a reminder to mothers across the state of this important truth: that they are not alone in this endeavour and that they can succeed.

Organisations or agencies with resources to share or with updates to the information already on the MAMA site are requested to utilise this form. Similarly, organisations and agencies that would like to disseminate information to women and families who may find MAMA helpful are requested to use this form to request brochures.

In 2023, General Fitch collaborated with the Mississippi State Legislature to establish and implement the Mississippi Access to Maternal Assistance (MAMA) program (SB 2781). The Office of the Attorney General was responsible for administering the programme, with the assistance of a number of state agencies, including the Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services, which facilitated the development of the website in just three months to ensure compliance with the statutory launch date of 1 October 2023. A mobile application will be accessible as of 1 January 2024.

MAMA represents a pivotal element of General Fitch’s Empowerment Project, an initiative designed to empower women and their children. Further information on The Empowerment Project can be found at attorneygenerallynnfitch.com/theempowermentproject.

For further details, please refer to the following websites: attorneygenerallynnfitch.com/mama and MAMA.MS.GOV.


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