Conservative Party of Canada passes Policy 908 opposing expansion of euthanasia

Dear Friends:

We have incredible news. 

The Conservative Party of Canada overwhelmingly passed Policy 908 at their Convention (September 7 – 9, 2023) in Quebec City, a resolution that opposes the expansion of euthanasia to people with psychological suffering, to minors, to people who are not competent and their opposition to euthanasia for people who are not terminally ill.

Policy 908 stated the following:

In principle, the Conservative Party opposes euthanasia and assisted suicide. Furthermore, we oppose the extension of euthanasia and assisted suicide (MAID) to minors, to people who are not competent, people who live with psychological suffering (mental illness), and people not terminally ill (their natural death is not reasonably foreseeable).

We oppose MAID for people living with disabilities or mental illness seeking to die based on poverty, homelessness or inability to receive medical treatment. Euthanasia must not be an abandonment of people living with genuine needs.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition was involved with the development and promotion of Policy 908. In a letter that we sent to Conservative Members of Parliament we stated:

Bill C-7, in March 2021, approved MAiD for mental illness alone with a two year moratorium. This Spring Bill C-39 extended the moratorium on MAiD for mental illness to March 17, 2023. On Wednesday May 17, 2024, Bill C-314, a bill sponsored by Hon. Ed Fast MP (Abbotsford CPC), received it’s first hour of debate. C-314 would once again prevent MAiD for mental illness.

Recently Kathrin Mentler went to the Assessment Centre at Vancouver General Hospital for help as she was experiencing suicidal ideation. While being assessed the counsellor asked her if she had considered Medical Assistance in Dying. Mentler told the media that she was shocked and sickened that she was given recommendations on how to kill herself.

A report from the Special Joint Committee on Medical Assistance in Dying (AMAD) that was tabled in the House of Commons on February 15, 2023 calling for a drastic expansion of (MAiD). The report recommended that “mature minors” and patients with dementia should be permitted to make advanced requests for MAiD by advanced directive.

We need you to help slow the growth and normalization of MAiD in Canada.

Enough is enough. Death-care for some is not a substitute for healthcare for all.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition offers our gratitude to the original sponsors of Policy 908 and all of the delegates and Members of Parliament who worked to get it overwhelmingly passed at the Policy Convention. Now it needs to be implemented.

Editor’s note. This appeared on the website of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition and reposted with permission.