Yes on Issue 1 – Take a Stand Against Pro-Abortion Extremism in Ohio

By Karen Cross, NRL Political Director

Voting Yes on Issue 1 is vitally important to stopping pro-abortion groups from enshrining unlimited abortion in the Ohio state constitution.

Ohio has long been considered one of the most important bellwether states. It has played prominent role in the national debate over abortion for more than fifty years. The Buckeye State has a rich history of grassroots pro-life activism, dynamic pro-life leaders, and landmark legislative achievements. All of this has earned the ire of pro-abortion groups.

In 2023, pro-abortion groups have their eyes fixed on Ohio. They are trying to circumvent the legislative process and use a ballot initiative to add unlimited abortion as a “right” guaranteed by the Ohio state constitution. A pro-abortion win in Ohio could have ripple effects across the country.

However, a pro-abortion win would be more than just symbolic. If abortion advocates are successful in changing the Ohio state constitution, we would likely see most of Ohio’s existing protections for unborn children and their mothers struck down by the courts. This would set the stage for a huge spike in the number of abortions. We cannot let that happen.

Abortion advocates want to see Ohio become an abortion destination state now that neighboring states like Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia have strong protective measures for unborn children in effect. The abortion industry is deeply worried about losing its foothold in the region and, ultimately, the effect on its bottom line. 

Ohio mothers and their unborn babies deserve better. 

Under the current system, it is relatively easy to put a measure on the ballot in Ohio. The sad reality is that often the side with the most money is the side wins. To be successful, a ballot measure campaign must have a massive financial war chest to invest in television ads, mailers, yard signs, billboards, online advertising, calls and texting, paid staff, rallies and events, canvassing projects, and more. In this case, the pro-abortion campaign has funding flowing from the deep pockets of an industry that profits from the destruction of innocent human lives. They will spare no expense.

Abortion advocates have another advantage: They have support from most of the national and state media, who are more than willing to provide political cover, perpetuate misinformation, present pro-abortion opinions as facts, and shut down pro-life voices.

But, with your help, we can defeat the abortion industry’s dangerous agenda. By voting YES on Issue 1 on August 8th, Ohioans can raise the percentage of votes required for a ballot measure to be successful. Issue 1 would raise that threshold from 50% to 60%.

Election Day is August 8th. Please vote YES on Issue 1.

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