The time is now to stand up for pregnant women and for Real Alternatives

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Nearly 350,000.

That’s how many Pennsylvania women have been served through the groundbreaking program administered by Real Alternatives, Inc.

Imagine if those women—enough to populate a city—had gone without the vital services provided by PA’s Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services program. At a most vulnerable time in their lives they would have been left without a caring, compassionate counselor to walk with them through their pregnancy journey.

I know personally of a woman served by the program who was kicked out of her family home because of her pregnancy. Scared and alone, she turned to a Real Alternatives center. She was able to locate temporary housing, graduate to a permanent home, and give birth to a handsome baby boy.

Other women have escaped a domestic violence situation…while still others have earned GEDs and college degrees as a result of the support provided by the program. Real Alternatives provided them with a bridge to prenatal care, child immunizations, and well baby care.

Imagine if all of that assistance were wiped out.

That is what would be the effect of Governor Josh Shapiro’s plan to rescind Real Alternatives’ contract with the Commonwealth. Innocent women and their families would be punished under this proposal.

The time is now to stand up for pregnant women and for Real Alternatives. Please take action to safeguard these most vulnerable Pennsylvanians.


1.    Please call Governor Shapiro’s office and ask that he reverse his decision to cancel Real Alternatives’ contract. The number to call is: 717-787-2500.

2.    Please email and call your state representative and state senator and urge them to take action to stop Real Alternatives’ contract from being cancelled. You can send an immediate message by clicking here.

Editor’s note. This appeared at the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.