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Pioneers of a universal right to suicide

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At the conclusion of this month, a male resident of Toronto will be arraigned in court on charges of aiding and abetting suicide. This is not, as one might assume, a case of mercy killing. It is not a grieving husband who wants to stop the suffering of his cancer-riddled wife or a devoted son who has exhausted himself in nursing his aged mother.

It is evident that such crimes constitute murder, as no individual has the right to take the life of an innocent human being. However, a misguided conviction that a cherished individual will be spared anguish serves to mitigate the murderer’s culpability.

The case of Kenneth Law is distinct from the others. The 57-year-old chef distributed 1,200 suicide kits containing lethal poisons to customers across the globe. Mr. Law came to the attention of Canadian police following the exposure of his activities by investigative reporters from The Times of London in April. It had linked him to at least four deaths, although it appears that he had mailed 1,200 packages to people in 40 countries. The police are currently investigating the deaths of individuals in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States of America, Italy, and New Zealand.

The conversation between Law and the undercover reporter was particularly chilling. He asserted that a significant number of individuals had perished. However, he refuted the accusation of being a killer, stating, “I am not assisting in any illicit activities; I am merely selling a product.”

The Times reports that a significant proportion of those who died after purchasing the product in question were young. The oldest individual to die after ingesting the product was 38 years of age, while the youngest was 17. Additionally, three individuals in their 20s also perished.

A British man, whose 22-year-old son died after purchasing the poison from Law’s website, informed The Times that: “I believe that he effectively handed my son a loaded gun.” “I believe that my son would still be alive if it were not for this individual and this substance.”

In an interview with The Times, Law stated, “People may not consider my work to be particularly favorable or even criminal.” “However, I believe it is beneficial for a select group of individuals who genuinely require such an avenue, given that the existing legal framework does not permit it.” He was gratified by the positive feedback he received from his customers. “They frequently assert that I perform the work of God, which is a considerable overstatement.” “I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge that I am much more humble and modest than that.”

Canada has become the most liberal country in the world with regard to euthanasia. A greater number of individuals die at the hands of medical professionals in Canada than in any other country. Nevertheless, even in Canada, there are limitations. A physician’s consent is required. It is necessary that the individual in question be suffering. The process is accompanied by a considerable administrative burden.

Mr Law espoused the view that any individual, at any time and in any location, regardless of age or mental health status, should be entitled to end their own life.

Anthony Jones, a 17-year-old from Michigan who suffered from depression, autism and ADHD, was one of Law’s victims. One evening in February of the previous year, he rushed into his mother’s room, frantic, in search of medical assistance after ingesting a lethal substance. “I want to live,” he was shouting. It was too late for any intervention to be effective.

Does Canada’s progressive stance on euthanasia provide a conducive environment for the kind of murderous sadism exemplified by Kenneth Law?

It is possible that a similar occurrence may have taken place in the Netherlands, another country where euthanasia is legal.


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