Another look at how desperate Democrats are to defend themselves against the truth: They support abortion until birth

By Dave Andrusko

Thanks to the readers who responded to “A devastating takedown of the Democrat party which endorses unlimited abortion up until birth while pretending not to” which I wrote yesterday.

We also reposted “Psaki Doubles Down on Lie Democrats Don’t Support Late-Term Abortions” by Kevin Tober.

I am about to discuss with a fascinating story by National Review’s John McCormack headlined “Jen Psaki Isn’t Telling the Truth about Late-Term Abortion.”

Why a trio of stories within a couple of days? Because the truth is making headway against the diversions, digressions omissions, and canards pro-abortionists use to throw the general public off the scent.

McCormack provides a kook’s tour of these tactics. First, what Psaki said:

Jen Psaki, the former Biden White House press secretary who now hosts a show on MSNBC, responded to DeSantis and other GOP candidates by writing on Twitter: “No one supports abortion up until birth.” Over the weekend, Psaki devoted a segment of her show to argue that the claim that Democrats support legal abortion until birth is “entirely misleading.” Psaki concluded the segment by declaring that late-term abortions are “almost always the result of a devastating choice to save the life of the mother or because a baby that a couple desperately wanted cannot survive outside the womb.”

But, he writes,

Psaki’s claim simply isn’t true.

In fact it is wrong on numerous grounds. For starters, “Contrary to the former White House press secretary’s assertion, a majority of late-term abortions kill the physically healthy babies of physically healthy mothers.” Did you get that? A majority posed no threat to “physically healthy mothers” but do take the life of a ”physically healthy baby.”

He quotes from a story written by Elaine Godfrey for The Atlantic about Warren Hern, who has no equal when it comes to performing abortions in the late second and third trimesters.

Godfrey tells us

“Abortions that come after devastating medical diagnoses can be easier for some people to understand. But Hern estimates that at least half, and sometimes more, of the women who come to the clinic do not have these diagnoses.’

To be clear, “Hern admitted that most of the abortions he performs later than 21 weeks target healthy babies of healthy mothers,” McCormack writes.

McCormack points out the incongruity:

The odd thing about Psaki’s false assertion that late-term abortions are “almost always” performed when the baby could not survive after birth or to save the life of the mother is that during her TV segment she quoted the same Colorado abortionist [Hern] who said to the Washington Post: “In an average week at my office, 25 to 50 percent of the patients have some serious, catastrophic fetal abnormality, and there are some weeks in which this is true for 100 percent of the patients.” In other words, in an “average week,” 50 percent to 75 percent of the viable babies he kills with a poison-filled syringe are physically healthy.

A very, very  important fact that just gets lost but is pivotal.

While a baby can be delivered alive in a matter of hours or minutes, the late-term-abortion procedure that Hern performs “takes three or four days,” so it is not a method necessary for saving the life of the mother when the child can clearly survive outside the womb.

Finally, no defense of the slaughter of huge unborn children would be complete without the non-sequitur that they are “incredible rare.” McCormack responds

According to the Guttmacher Institute, which favors an expansive right to abortion, there are 930,000 abortions performed annually, and 1.3 percent of abortions are performed at 21 weeks or later. That equals about 12,000 late-term abortions a year. The worst year of school shootings in American history claimed the lives of 34 children.       

In conclusion, McCormack asks what is the “proper question.” It

is not whether elective late-term abortions are a small percentage of all abortions but whether they are morally distinguishable from the infanticides committed by Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell. If they aren’t morally different, then why do Jen Psaki and other prominent Democrats think elective late-term abortions should be legal?