A devastating takedown of the Democrat party which endorses unlimited abortion up until birth while pretending not to

By Dave Andrusko

Alright, let’s cut to the chase. The Democrat party (a) supports abortion until the baby is born (and is, at best, agnostic on passive infanticide) but (b) knows that this is a non-starter with the 99% of the population that is not in Congress, so (c) they have to come up with creative –read evasive–answers that are blatantly misleading when not out and out untrue.

By comparison, their verbal gymnastics put Simone Biles’s ’ double-twisting double somersault from the balance beam to shame. There’s no question—no question–that Democrats support unrestricted abortion until birth.

So how in the world do they evade being called to task? It helps that reporters never pin them done because they insist that since no one is that barbaric, the real villains are (you guessed it) Republicans and/or pro-lifers who are making this stuff up out of whole cloth.

After last week’s Republican presidential debate, Jen Psaki, formerly of Biden’s White House staff and now at MSNBC, tweeted “No one supports abortion until birth.”

TikTok star Harry Sisson was indignant., “Democrats don’t support abortion up until the day of birth. Every single Republican candidate on the debate stage is lying to the American people right now. Disgusting.”

National Review Online’s Brittany Bernstein put some of the lies to bed. She wrote,

But of course, none of these claims square with the facts. The 2020 Democratic Party platform explicitly affirms a universal right to abortion and doesn’t reference a single abortion limitation acceptable to the party. ‘We believe unequivocally . . . that every woman should be able to access high-quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion,’ the platform states.”

Bernstein went on to add

It also promises to ‘fight to overturn federal and state laws that create barriers to reproductive health and rights’ — in other words, to block any and all limits on abortion, including gestational-age limits. The platform embraces federal funding for abortion businesses, supports repealing the Hyde amendment that precludes taxpayer dollars from directly reimbursing abortion providers, and promises to ‘protect and codify the right to reproductive freedom.’”

And that’s just for starters.

The defense? Well, let’s bring in a Washington Post columnist who fairly weighs the evidence and, naturally, decides it’s all phooey.

Philip Bump calls it “a favorite bit of hyperbole”; “misleading, if not…flatly incorrect.” Really? How is the charge that Democrats stand for allowing “abortion all the way up to the moment of birth” “misleading, if not…flatly incorrect”?

Note, first, that Bump admits something you virtually never see conceded by a pro-abortionist: “There are states in which there are no limits on the point of a pregnancy when abortion is available.” Wow!

How do you get out of that corner? Ridicule and cherry-picking sources:

[T]hat doesn’t mean that a woman can simply walk into a facility at her 40th week and request an abortion. Instead, as PolitiFact wrote when considering this question last year, such procedures “are performed on a case-by-case basis when there are maternal or fetal complications.”

Moreover, these abortions are as rare as hen’s teeth:

.Importantly, even abortions performed after 20 weeks are rare.

Two points in rebuttal in reverse order. “Rare” is in the eye of the beholder, or, in this case, in the blind eye of the beholder.

Cassy Fiano-Chesser explains how un-rare these abortions are:

According to the CDC’s 2019 Abortion Surveillance Report, the most recent year for which data is available, 1.1% of all abortions were committed after 21 weeks of pregnancy. If you include the second trimester, or after 14 weeks of pregnancy, the number rises to 8% of all abortions.

While 1.1% or even 8% might seem like small numbers, they aren’t. The CDC reports 398,505 abortions committed in 2019. 1.1% of that number equals 4,383 abortions committed after 21 weeks of pregnancy; 8% equals 31,880. Of course, states are not required to report their data to the CDC — and numerous states, like California and Maryland, do not. Others, like New Jersey, did not have reporting requirements in place, causing the CDC warn that its data may not be accurate. Essentially, this means the true number of abortions — regardless of gestational age — is almost certainly higher. Using the Guttmacher Institute’s numbers (which are collected directly from abortion providers), 930,160 abortions were committed in 2020. If the CDC’s percentages hold true with 1.1% of abortions occurring after 21 weeks, that equates to an estimate of more than 10,000 human lives per yearand 8% occurring after 14 weeks equates to an estimate of more than 74,000 human lives per year.

The other point I’d like to make is in response to the defense that these” procedures” are “performed on a case-by-case basis when there are maternal or fetal complications.” Again, they are not intimating, they are stating as a fact that these abortions are rare and almost always because the unborn child is gravely injured.

Washington Post “Fact Checker” Glen Kessler chipped in that “Most of the others [that is, cases where the baby has “some serious, catastrophic fetal abnormality”] have severe medical conditions, such as pregnancy-related high blood pressure, severe hypertension or multiple sclerosis, so an abortion will reduce the woman’s risk of death.”

His source? Warren Hern, who runs a Colorado abortion clinic that “specializes in late abortions.“ This was for Kessler’s story that ran in the Washington Post last year.

Since that time, The Atlantic did a profile of Hern written by staffer Elaine Godfrey, headlined” The Abortion Absolutist.” This paints a very different picture of Hern.

According to the Peter Laffin of the Washington Examiner

  • Hern admitted that at least half of the late-term abortions he’s performed over the past half-century were elective, meaning that there was no underlying medical condition in the baby or the mother. Abortion advocates regularly assure the public that late-term abortions of this sort are exceedingly rare, if existent at all. But here we have it from the horse’s mouth. Who knows how many thousands of these abortions Hern has performed? Again, he’s been doing this for half a century. 

It gets worse. If you have the stomach for it, you can read it here.

The defenses for abortion on demand up until birth are god-awful in their own right on those few occasions where pro-abortionists concede they exist. But for Democrats and their limitless supply of obliging reporters to attempt to shift the onus to pro-lifers is a stark reminder of just what we are up against.