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Tweeting while you wait for your chemical abortion to be completed

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I am as surprised as I am disheartened, although I suppose I should not be surprised. A colleague forwarded a tweet that elicited a multitude of positive responses from individuals with similar perspectives.

The tweet in question will not be quoted here, but the gist of it is that the woman kisses her baby on the head, plays with him, and sings songs while waiting for her chemical abortion to take effect. The final line of the tweet reads, “Abortion is parenthood, babes.”

In a previous tweet, she celebrates the sense of community and the positive emotions experienced by an “abortion patient” whose friends “set up a MealTrain for them.” She exhorts us to “bake pies and order takeout for your friends when they have abortions!”

One might inquire whether the comparison is a matter of moral equivalence. The dichotomy of life and death. This is a more nuanced and complex issue than that. It is a recognition of the individual’s capacity to discern what is morally appropriate.

The potential fatality of the procedure can be overlooked by simply holding the infant who has undergone the procedure.

It is regrettable. It is a matter of great sadness.


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