What are your thoughts on the February edition of National Right to Life News?

By Dave Andrusko

Here’s your chance to give feedback virtually in real-time. You’ve had the February edition of the “pro-life newspaper of record” for some time so what are your impressions of the 50-page issue?

Page one is comprised of two political stories. First, we covered President Biden’s State of the Union address which touched lightly on abortion (to the chagrin of the Abortion Industry). But we added context which demonstrated how Biden and his entire administration have aggressively promoted abortion without limits from Day One.

The other page one story is a comprehensive overview of the beginning of the 118th Congress. While outgunned—the Senate and the White House are still in the hands of pro-abortionists—pro-life Republicans have not slowed down. In this first months of the new Congress, dozens of Members have introduced a flurry of pro-life bills in both the House and Senate.

On page three, NRL President Carol Tobias encourages us to “Make 2023 a year to remember the babies and their mommies.” While “There seems to be no end to the craziness and brazenness of the abortion industry,” that just means “you are all needed. Now. For a time such as this.”

As you would expect in 50 pages, we cover seemingly everything. From a look ahead to the 2024 Senate races; to how the Associated Press is working hand-in-glove with the Abortion Industry, tailoring its choice of descriptions to win pro-abortion approval; to the saintly work of Crisis Pregnancy Centers which a pro-abortion academic journal recently showed offered “better and less costly services to women” than did abortion clinics!

With chemical abortions (AKA “medication abortions”) now accounting for over half of all abortions performed, naturally we pay a great deal of attention to what is promised—virtually a “painless, safe procedure”—with the truth—an incredibly painful “procedure” from which as a study from Canada found, nearly 10.3% of women ended up in an emergency room.

There’s much, much more. That includes a debunking of the idiotic claim that purports to retroactively revive the 1972 Equal Rights Amendment and insert it into the text of the U.S. Constitution – even though multiple federal court decisions have held that the ERA expired over 50 years ago. And Maureen Ferguson deftly demolishes “Biden’s top ten falsehoods on abortion.”

Let me know what you think after browsing through the issue. You can read it here [www.nrlc.org/wp-content/uploads/Feb2023NRLNews.pdf].

My email address is daveandrusko@gmail.com.