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The testimony of abortion survivors is incredibly powerful

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Last week, we reposted a narrative written by Melissa Ohden, a survivor of an abortion. The headline’s message is as powerful as it is, it is hoped, transformative for many people. “I survived an abortion.” “I am not the only one.”

Melissa’s narrative resonated with a similar account that was recently featured on Clinic Quotes. This is Sarah Terzo’s invaluable website, which offers quotes from abortionists, women who have undergone abortions, and also commentary that illustrates the schizophrenia inherent in the concept of a baby being worthy of protection because she is “wanted,” yet disposable like refuse if she is not. The content of her website is frequently reposted on this site, as is the case today.

A number of months ago, we reposted this item from Clinic Quotes. A three-year-old sister of an aborted sibling poses the question, “Mom, why didn’t you kill me, too?” This was originally published on Teenbreaks.com. The text read as follows:

When I was 3 years old, I saw my mother on television. She was talking to a man about how she had killed her baby and how much she regretted it. As she told her story and how she became a pro-life speaker, I watched and listened. My grandmother didn’t think I was old enough to understand.

“When my mum picked me up that night, I asked her why she killed my brother or sister and why she didn’t kill me. My mum said she was shocked that her 3-year-old was asking these questions. She answered them as best she could, and as I got older I learned more.

As Sarah elucidated, the following is the testimony of Alex. The two women have since become pro-life speakers. Even at the tender age of three, Alex was aware that she had lost a sibling. It is evident that children are capable of discerning the nuances of language, even when the subject matter is as sensitive as abortion.

Alex’s testimony at the Teenbreaks website is categorised under the heading “Abortion Survivors”. The following is the preface:

Put yourself in their place. What is it like to know that your own parents tried to kill you before you were born? Or why your brother or sister was aborted and you were not? These are the terrible questions that abortion survivors have faced and dealt with. There are many survivors of abortion. Here are some of their stories:

Two additional examples were particularly disturbing:

One: Breanna

I was 12 years old when I found out that my aunt had tried to abort my cousin Sean, who is now 5 years old. I was devastated, but the news I heard next was even worse. I learned that she had already aborted three previous children who would have been my beautiful cousins.

The only reason she did not abort Sean was because every time she went to the doctor for a pregnancy test, it did not show that she was pregnant. By the time she found out she really was pregnant, our state wouldn’t allow her to have an abortion, and she decided she didn’t want to travel to another state to have an abortion.

I am against abortion. Knowing that three of my cousins have had abortions and that Sean almost had an abortion hurts me deeply. So girls, know that when you abort, it affects everyone, not just you and your child.

Two: Sarah S.

My mother’s decision was my death sentence. My mother, Betty, had an abortion… A few weeks later she was sitting at home, reading, when the book on her belly started bouncing up and down. That’s when she knew she was still pregnant… with me!

“I’m so sorry, Betty,” the doctor said when she went back to him, “you were carrying twins.”

Although a second abortion was suggested, my mother refused and carried me to term instead. I was born with bilateral congenital dislocated hips, a condition for which I’ve had dozens of operations. But it hasn’t stopped me from studying medicine and speaking out for the right to life whenever I can.

I have forgiven my parents for trying to abort me, and I forgive the abortionist who killed my twin brother and almost killed me. I often think of my brother, Andrew James, who no one can replace.

As I endeavoured to determine the most appropriate manner in which to conclude this post, I was compelled to acknowledge that the solution was already at hand, in the form of the conclusion to Alex’s testimony.

I thank God that I’m alive. I’m still sad to know that I have an older brother or sister who was denied the chance to LIVE – something we all take for granted. I hope we will meet one day. That’s why I do what I do.


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