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Ohio pregnancy help has recently attracted national attention.

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Politicians, officials, the media, and social media outlets have been attacking the pregnancy help community. But a recent TV interview showed that there is another side to the story.

The Fox and Friends segment commenced with footage of Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams making a disputed statement regarding fetal heartbeats.

Abrams asserted, “There is no actual heartbeat detectable at six weeks. It’s an artificial sound created to persuade individuals that men have the authority to dictate a woman’s bodily autonomy.”

Following Abrams’ remarks, Vice President Kamala Harris was featured in a report where she lauded attorneys general who advocate for abortion rights, commending them for addressing what she described as the issue of crisis pregnancy centers.

The attacks on pregnancy help centers extend beyond politicians, pundits, and media bias to include violence, vandalism, threats, and harassment perpetrated by pro-abortion zealots in response to the Dobbs ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. The federal government has thus far failed to take action against domestic terrorism targeting pregnancy centers, creating an environment that is increasingly unsafe for these centers.

Despite the aforementioned circumstances, pregnancy help organizations continue to provide women and families with authentic, life-affirming support on a daily basis, thereby changing lives and fostering life.

Fox and Friends host Rachel Campos-Duffy addressed the pervasive media bias against pregnancy help in her interview with Moriah, a client of pregnancy help, and Margie Christie, executive director of Dayton Right to Life.

In September, Campos-Duffy delivered the keynote address at Dayton Right to Life’s 50th Anniversary Gala. She was inspired to highlight Moriah’s story after witnessing the testimonies of clients at the event.

Pregnancy Help News inquired about the impact of media bias and political attacks on centers. Christie stated that such incidents have contributed to a slight erosion of public confidence in these facilities. “Women are in a particularly vulnerable position, and when they have been subjected to a modicum of doubt, it is regrettable,” she said.

Dayton Right to Life is distinctive from other right-to-life organizations in that its founders chose to add a pantry six years into the ministry’s history, supplementing the organization’s legislative and educational work, which is the majority of RTL’s focus. This shift led to the expansion of pregnancy help work, where providing material aid to families has consistently positioned the organization to assist women in choosing life, as it has already been involved in helping these families.

Christie informed Pregnancy Help News that the Ohio abortion report indicates that 60% of women who have abortions already have other children. The primary reason they cite is financial constraints. She added, “That’s the mom who is already at our pantry receiving assistance. She already receives diapers and formula for her other children. This is where we’ve identified a niche market: the mom.”

Christie highlighted the comprehensive assistance provided by Dayton Right to Life to women, which extends beyond the basic necessities. “We assist mothers and provide them with college scholarships and other resources,” she said. At the age of 16, she was pregnant and completing her senior year of high school.

The Urbana, Ohio, pregnancy center was the genesis of this initiative. Moriah, who received a pregnancy test and support there, recalled the volunteer praying with her. Further into her pregnancy, she received information about a scholarship.

“The most significant aspect is that pregnancy centers provide assistance,” Moriah stated. “Ultimately, when you visit one, they are not making any decisions for you. It is a starting point.” Moriah has returned to that initial point of 19 years ago.

Today, she is employed at Help Me Grow, a program providing assistance for pregnancy and parenting. Having attained her master’s degree on the same day her son graduated from high school, Brown brings a distinct viewpoint to the realm of pregnancy aid and the comprehensive network of support systems accessible to families.

Moriah’s message to officials who would seek to politicize this issue and attack the work of pregnancy help is that “Please don’t shut down the good they do.” She further states that “If someone chooses life, there is help,” and that “If you don’t choose life, there is help as well.” She adds that “You don’t just close someone off because they don’t do what you want them to do.”

The Help Me Grow program provides services to parents throughout their child’s first five years of life. Moriah emphasized the importance of collaboration, stating, “These are lives. Think about the mother and the children she will be raising.” Christie addressed the media’s tendency to suppress facts about the effects of abortion in favor of promoting abortion on demand. She asserted that the media’s approach assumes that women are incapable of understanding fetal development information or other options.

Christie continued, “The side effects of the abortion pill and the side effects of abortion on later pregnancies are not openly discussed. Women should be informed of all their options.”
She added, “We offer answers and solutions. Getting rid of the baby does not solve their other issues. When they get an abortion, they have just added on pain, and it can lead to addiction, which can then lead to further complications.”

The scholarship Moriah received not only provided her with a path for her life, but also enabled her to give back to the community. She is now a nurse who helps mothers and their babies.

It is possible to compare the life-giving result of the scholarship with the work of the abortion industry.


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Daniel was born and raised in New York. After living in China, working for a news agency and another stint at a major news network, he now lives in Arizona with his two daughters.

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