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A new Canadian children’s book says euthanasia is okay

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In the contemporary era, children are being indoctrinated into a multitude of subversive ideologies that challenge traditional values. In Canada, this phenomenon encompasses the practice of bringing children along when a loved one is being euthanized, a practice that is euphemistically referred to as MAID, which stands for medical assistance in dying.

Canadian Virtual Hospice, a non-profit organization, has introduced children to the realm of medical killing fields through its Medical Assistance in Dying Activity Book, which is designed for children between the ages of six and twelve. The activity book instructs children on the process of euthanasia, including how a person is killed.

The three medications operate in the following manner: the initial medication induces a state of profound relaxation and induces sleep. This may manifest as yawning, snoring, or muttering.

The second medication induces a state of unconsciousness, commonly referred to as a “coma.” This state is distinct from normal sleep, as it is characterized by a profound depth of unconsciousness. The individual is unable to respond to external stimuli, including noise and touch.

Due to the anesthetic effects of the first medication, the individual is unaware of the procedure and experiences no discomfort. When the heart and lungs cease functioning, the body dies. It will not resume functioning. This often occurs within minutes, but on rare occasions, it can take hours.

And if the person asks to die, there is no changing their mind:

It is often assumed that those who request MAiD wish to change their minds. However, it is more accurate to say that they wish to change their illness or condition and how it is affecting their life. When someone decides to ask for MAiD, it is usually after careful consideration and the accumulation of negative emotions over an extended period. They may feel that nothing will change their mind because there is nothing that can help their body or their suffering get better.

This assertion is, of course, false. Palliative care and appropriate emotional and psychological interventions can effectively address suicidal ideation in individuals with serious illnesses or disabilities. However, those who request euthanasia are often denied access to this essential hospice service. Moreover, only 15% of Canadians have adequate access to palliative care, which is a significant concern in a country that is actively promoting euthanasia.

Additionally, there are activities for children:

Activity: Please draw or write about your ideas and feelings regarding the individual in your life who is considering MAiD. You may share this sheet with a family member or a healthcare team member who can assist you with any questions, ideas, or feelings you may have.

Please use blank paper or the picture below to decorate it to look like you and the individual in question. Please write or draw what you believe they believe or feel about choosing MAiD in the space around them.

The child has “choices” too:

Consider the various options available and identify those that align best with your preferences. Initially, request a parent or guardian to review the list and eliminate any items that are not feasible in your circumstances. Then, collectively examine the remaining options and select those that align with your desired outcomes. There are no incorrect or inappropriate choices, and you may modify your decisions at any time.

Would you like to spend time with the patient before they undergo MAiD?

  • Yes
  • No

If you are visiting the individual, would you like to bring something to hold onto to help you feel comfortable? This could be a special blanket, jewelry, a photo, or a toy. Alternatively, you may wish to bring something to do to help you feel comfortable or to pass the time.

Once we endorse the killing of humans as an acceptable response to human suffering, we must train children to accept this as an appropriate course of action. Children are not stupid and will be aware that their loved one is being terminated. Their immediate instinct will probably be that this is wrong.

The euthanasia agenda is morally reprehensible and destructive. It not only results in the demise of individuals who have been abandoned by the “it’s your choice” deflection, but as this book illustrates, it has the potential to significantly impact the emotional well-being of children in the family who observe the discussion, planning, and execution of their loved one’s killing.

If I were a child and that were to occur to someone I held dear, I would never want to see a doctor again. It is a distressing thought.


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