Update on Tax-Funded Abortion Hearings and Bills in Rhode Island

Legislative Update

By Barth E. Bracy, Executive Director, Rhode Island Right to Life

Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post that ran on Thursday.

Thank you to all of you who responded to our action alerts for the legislative hearings on Thursday, May 19, and Tuesday, May 31, before the House Finance Committee and Senate Judiciary Committee, respectively.

For those who are interested, the hearings can be watched at the following links:

House Finance Thursday May 19

Senate Judiciary Tuesday May 31

The taxpayer-funding for abortion-on-demand bill was “held for further study” by both committees. As you know, “held for further study” can mean different things at the Rhode Island State House. It could mean the bill is going nowhere this year, which, presently, is our cautious hope thanks to your VERY ROBUST response to our action alerts, but it also means the bill remains in play until the General Assembly goes into recess.

If the end-of-session horse-trading takes a very bad turn against us, the bill could pop up for a floor vote in the closing hours of a late-night marathon session. Thus we ask that you stay tuned to our action alerts through the end of this month.

The handful of life-protecting bills were also held for further study by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, as they had also been by the House Judiciary Committee in April, along, thankfully, with the assisted suicide legalization bill.

The last bill requiring extreme vigilance is the Little Sisters of the Poor HHS-Mandate bill already passed by the Senate in March. While no hearing has been scheduled in the House, it could hypothetically appear on the “consent calendar” with very little notice in the closing hours of the session.

Please watch and pray, as do I, since we know not the day nor the hour. (Mark 13:33)

Pediatricians for Taxpayer-Funded Abortion on Demand?

There is a very old saying that the corruption of the best is the worst (corruptio optimi pessima). This is why I am particularly saddened when I hear one claiming to be a physician renounce the Hippocratic Oath and testify in favor of abortion.

Normally, they are OB-GYNs who themselves earn their pay snuffing out preborn human life. This past Tuesday, I was surprised to hear a pediatrician, Emily B. Allen, testify in favor of abortion, correctly reporting the shockingly radical pro-abortion position of the American Academy of Pediatrics. It reminded me that parents today must be very careful to choose a pediatrician who understands the difference between healing and killing. It also reminds me how much we need pediatricians and other physicians who do not support the taking of innocent human life to regularly raise their voices lest their silence give the impression that all doctors support the deadly agenda of their activist colleagues who frequent the State House.