Count one for pro-life Sen. Marshall over pro-abortion Sen. Smith: Medication Abortion is not safe

By Dave Andrusko

In its embrace of abortion, The Huffington Post is passionately, intuitively, viscerally, and other “ly” you can think of. And when their bluff is called, they really go off the deep end.

According to Jennifer Bendery, last week pro-life Sen. Roger Marshall—an Ob-Gyn–and Sen. Tina Smith– a former Planned Parenthood executive– had a spirited twitter over “medication” (chemical) abortions after a committee hearing.

“So last week, during a committee hearing on a bill about Food and Drug Administration user fees, when Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) casually tried to amend the bill to require women to see a doctor and get an ultrasound before being allowed to use the abortion pill.” Bendery writes. “Smith was livid.”

Sen. Smith summarized her perspective in three sentences: “There is zero reason to require an ultrasound for a medication abortion. Sen. Marshall knows this. The Republicans are simply punishing women for seeking a safe and common medical procedure.”

Sen. Marshall responded, “Women will die if they skip this step [the ultrasound], and babies will be born with birth defects as the drug is less effective at a later gestational age.” 

Sen. Smith shot back “Wow. Senator Marshall clearly believes he knows better than every woman and her doctor, and he should be the decider.”

According to Bendery, Sen. Marshall should have said nothing. Why? Because medication abortion is safe, safe, and safe for as many as 60% of abortions. 

She summarized in one paragraph how what was authorized during the pandemic –not needed to see a doctor in person before she gets the bills–had morphed into something genuinely dangerous: 

As of December, women don’t even have to go to a doctor’s office to get the two-pill regimen. The FDA waived that rule to let doctors prescribe it through telehealth consultations and mail it to patients in states where it’s permitted by law. That was just before a March study found that medication abortion can be dispensed without an ultrasound or a physical exam, a study with far-reaching implications given that ultrasound machines cost thousands of dollars and require specialized training.

Again, as many times as pro-abortionists say medication abortion is safe, we remind them that it’s not—and there is more and more evidence to prove that.

Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon is an expert’s expert on medication abortion. He told NRL News Today

Sen. Marshall is absolutely right. If you don’t perform an ultrasound, and just rely on a verbal interview, you risk significantly misdating the pregnancy, which means an increased likelihood of failure and other complications.  Even studies by abortion advocates show that.  And without an ultrasound, women and their virtual doctors may very well miss an ectopic pregnancy, where the child implants outside the womb, something that we are told occurs in 1-2% of all pregnancies. The rupture of an undetected ectopic pregnancy can prove deadly to both mother and child.

Clearly, Sen. Marshall prevailed. Medication abortion is almost always fatal to unborn children and poses series risks to their mothers.