Bills to Regulate Chemical Abortions in Oklahoma on their way to Governor’s desk

By Tony Lauinger, State Chairman, Oklahomans For Life

Tony Lauinger State Chairman, Oklahomans For Life

Two critically important pro-life bills to regulate chemical abortions are on their way to the desk of Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt.

Sadly, when these bills received initial approval last month in the House, not a single Democrat voted for the bills.

The abortion industry wants to kill babies as efficiently and profitably as they can. Safety regulations hinder those goals. Harm done to mothers is simply ‘collateral damage.’ Chemical abortions cause even more complications to women than do surgical abortions, and yet abortionists want to subject women to these dangerous procedures without even seeing the mother in person or doing a physical exam. After Governor Stitt signs these bills into law, abortionists won’t be able to subject unborn babies to death by chemicals in Oklahoma without the strictest restrictions, regulations, and oversight in the nation.

SB 778 and SB 779 will codify in Oklahoma law safety regulations that have been required by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for more than a decade. The Biden Administration has been relentlessly dismantling various pro-life policies of previous administrations, and the abortion industry has been aggressively lobbying for the FDA regulations on chemical abortions to be revoked. On April 12th, the Biden FDA began doing exactly that.

The politicized FDA will now allow abortionists to ship abortion pills directly to women’s homes without ever seeing the patient in person or doing a physical exam.

An ever-increasing percentage of first-trimester abortions are now chemical rather than surgical. Half of Oklahoma’s abortions are now chemical.

One of the foremost experts on chemical abortions, National Right to Life Director of Education & Research, Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D., has pointed out that approximately two dozen patients have died after taking these abortion drugs, and thousands of women have suffered “adverse events,” including life-threatening hemorrhages, infections, or ruptured ectopic pregnancies.

Congratulations go out to the many pro-life Oklahoma legislators who made this possible, especially Senator Julie Daniels and Representative Mark Lepak.