Nebraska passes bill to ban dismemberment of living unborn babies. LB 814 on to the governor for his signature

By Dave Andrusko

Nebraska state Sen. Suzanne Geist

Passage of a ban on the dismemberment of living unborn babies in Nebraska is now only one short step from enactment. Fighting through a slew of pro-abortion parliamentary and legal maneuvering, the legislature today voted 33 to 8 in favor of state Sen. Suzanne Geist’s bill. 

When, as expected, Gov. Pete Ricketts signs Legislative Bill 814 into law, Nebraska will join 12 other states in expressing their revulsion at this hideous form of abortion. Those states are Kansas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Kentucky, Ohio, North Dakota, and Indiana.

LB 814 was the top legislative priority of Nebraska Right to Life, NRLC’s state affiliate.

“NRLC is deeply grateful to Sen. Geist who stood up fearlessly for defenseless unborn children,” said Ingrid Duran, NRL Director of State Legislation. “We coordinated closely with Nebraska Right to Life Executive Director Julie Schmit-Albin  whose tireless work helped make this important victory possible.”

The initial hold up was the judicial committee. (Nebraska is unique. It has only one house—it is “unicameral.”) However, on July 21, Nebraska senators voted 30-8 to pull LB 814 out of the Judiciary Committee, which had been deadlocked.

But that left pro-lifers short of the 33 votes needed to overcome a pro-abortion filibuster. However, on August 5, after three hours of intense debate, supporters garnered 34 votes on a motion to end the filibuster.

The state’s Solicitor General offered a brilliant defense of LB 814 against pro-abortion Senator Ernie Chambers’ assertions that the bill was unconstitutional.

As NRL News Today explained in prior stories, pro-abortionists argued both that the measure is unconstitutional (see above) and would be costly to defend. The first is Nebraska Solicitor General James Campbell thoroughly debunked.

The latter is true only because the Abortion Industry has deep pockets, and with the assistance of organizations such as the ACLU, they can drag proceedings out for an extended period of time.

During the debate over pulling LB 814 out of the Judiciary Committee, Geist said, “I believe that discussion of human dignity belongs at the top of that list,” adding. “It’s more important to me than tax credits.” 

She added, “We are talking about eliminating a procedure that is barbaric.”