Tragic report: More Black babies are aborted in New York City than are born

By Carole Novielli

The most recent data available shockingly reveals that in 2016, more Black babies were killed by abortion than were born in New York City. The data also shows that in 2016, Black abortions accounted for nearly 40 percent (38.7%) of all abortions in NYC. These alarming statistics reveal how abortion is decimating the Black community and is also hurting other minority groups.

Out of 60,000 (59,854) total abortions reported in NYC, nearly 67 percent (66.7%) were committed on minority Black (23,209) and Hispanic women (16,718) leaving some to speculate that there is a targeted eugenics agenda at work.

The grim statistics come from data published in a New York City Vital Statistics report [] , and breaks down as follows:

22,465 live Black births out of a total of 120,367 reported live births were reported in NYC in 2016.

23,209 abortions were committed on Black women out of a total of 59,854 reported abortions in NYC in 2016.

National data

According to the CDC, in 2016, New York City also had the highest overall abortion ratio of the selected states they reviewed, committing 519 abortions per 1,000 live births (59,854 abortions v. 120,367 live births).

Tragically, on a national level, the news is also grim. While nationally, live Black births in 2016 totaled 558,622 to non-Hispanic Black women, there were also a 236,919 estimated Black abortions in that year alone.

Live Action News previously documented that in 2016, although Blacks made up just 12 percent of the U.S. population, non-Hispanic Black women accounted for 38 percent of all reported abortions. In addition, nationally, data reported on race in 2016 and reviewed by Live Action News for abortions v. live births revealed that out of 32 reporting areas by race (CDC), over one-quarter of the states reported that Black babies killed by abortion totaled nearly half or over half of the reported Black births in the following states:

Connecticut: 2,714 Black abortions v. 4,453 Black live births

Georgia: 20,230 Black abortions v. 44,408 Black live births

Kansas: 1,451 Black abortions v. 2,543 Black live births

Michigan: 13,121 Black abortions v. 20,565 Black live births

Montana: 30 Black abortions v. 57 Black live births

New Jersey: 8,086 Black abortions v. 13,870 Black live births

New Mexico: 182 Black abortions v. 354 Black live births

North Carolina: 12,346 Black abortions v. 27,422 Black live births

Oregon: 520 Black abortions v. 944 Black live births

Vermont: 29 Black abortions v. 70 Black live births

Eugenics agenda

This alarming data is one of the reasons pro-life groups maintain that abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood may be targeting the Black community. Planned Parenthood’s eugenics agenda began under its founder, Margaret Sanger, who remains a hero to the abortion industry, despite her admission that she met with members of the Ku Klux Klan, advocated eugenics, and supported the use of sterilization to rid the planet of the “unfit.”

Planned Parenthood and others within the abortion industry are gearing up their efforts to normalize abortion among women of color and the Black community in general. In addition, Live Action News has previously documented how Planned Parenthood has vowed to fight for more Hollywood portrayals of women of color having abortions.

Live Action News also recently documented Planned Parenthood’s newly-created “Black Organizing Program.”

The longtime eugenic targeting of the Black community by the abortion industry is having devastating results. We can now estimate that between 2010 and 2016 over 1.7 million Black babies lost their lives to abortion in the United States. Today, the most current data (2016) also reveals that estimated Black abortion numbers are 24 times greater than homicides committed on Black Americans (236,919 v. 9,860). Black abortions (236,919 estimated) also now outnumber the top nine leading causes of death (235,139) for Black Americans combined.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Live Action and is reposted with permission.