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Tragic report: More Black babies are aborted in New York City than are born

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The latest data shows that in 2016, more Black babies were killed by abortion than were born in New York City. Black abortions accounted for nearly 40% of all abortions in NYC. These statistics show how abortion is hurting the Black community and other minority groups.

Of the 60,000 abortions reported in NYC, 66.7% were on minority women. Some say this is eugenics. The disheartening statistics originate from data published in a New York City Vital Statistics report (www1.nyc.gov/assets/doh/downloads/pdf/vs/2016sum.pdf). The data is presented in the following format:

22,465 live births to Black individuals out of a total of 120,367 reported live births occurred in NYC in 2016. A total of 23,209 abortions were performed on Black women, representing 39% of the 59,854 reported abortions in NYC in 2016.

National data

The CDC reports that in 2016, New York City had the highest overall abortion ratio of the selected states they reviewed, with 519 abortions per 1,000 live births (59,854 abortions v. 120,367 live births).

On a national level, the news is similarly disheartening. While nationally, there were 558,622 live births to non-Hispanic Black women in 2016, there were also an estimated 236,919 abortions among Black women.

In a previous report, Live Action News documented that in 2016, although Blacks constituted only 12% of the U.S. population, non-Hispanic Black women accounted for 38% of all reported abortions. Furthermore, a review of national data on race in 2016, as reported by Live Action News, revealed that in 32 reporting areas by race (CDC), over one-quarter of the states indicated that Black babies killed by abortion accounted for nearly half or more than half of the reported Black births in the following states:

Connecticut: 2,714 Black abortions v. 4,453 Black live births

Georgia: 20,230 Black abortions v. 44,408 Black live births

Kansas: 1,451 Black abortions v. 2,543 Black live births

Michigan: 13,121 Black abortions v. 20,565 Black live births

Montana: 30 Black abortions v. 57 Black live births

New Jersey: 8,086 Black abortions v. 13,870 Black live births

New Mexico: 182 Black abortions v. 354 Black live births

North Carolina: 12,346 Black abortions v. 27,422 Black live births

Oregon: 520 Black abortions v. 944 Black live births

Vermont: 29 Black abortions v. 70 Black live births

Eugenics agenda

This data shows that abortion groups like Planned Parenthood may be targeting the Black community. Planned Parenthood’s eugenics agenda began with its founder, Margaret Sanger. Despite her involvement with the Ku Klux Klan, Sanger supported sterilization and eugenics.

Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups are trying to make abortion seem normal to women of color and the Black community. Live Action News has also shown how Planned Parenthood wants more movies to show women of color having abortions.

In a recent development, Live Action News has documented the establishment of a new initiative by Planned Parenthood, the “Black Organizing Program.” This program represents a continuation of the long-standing eugenic targeting of the Black community by the abortion industry, which has had a profoundly detrimental impact. The data indicates that between 2010 and 2016, over 1.7 million Black babies lost their lives to abortion in the United States.

The most recent data, from 2016, indicates that the estimated number of abortions among Black Americans is 24 times greater than the number of homicides committed against them (236,919 vs. 9,860). Furthermore, the number of abortions among Black Americans (236,919) now exceeds the combined number of deaths from the top nine leading causes of death among Black Americans (235,139).


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