‘We are lights put upon this earth for a purpose”: Young people inspire Pro-Life Movement

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

The pro-life movement is a movement filled with joy, because it recognizes the great wonder of human life.

Nowhere is that joy more apparent than in our annual oratory contest. Students from throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania compete for the chance to take part in the national contest, which will be held this summer at the National Right to Life convention in Charlotte, South Carolina (See nrlconvention.com/).

The high school juniors and seniors who participated in our competition were clearly on fire for life. They also posed brilliant arguments defending the rightness of the pro-life position.

Take, for instance, Nathalia Ulsh, a high school junior. Nathalia noted that “we are lights put upon this earth for a purpose.” What an amazing insight from a high school student!

Nathalia then went on to decimate one tired pro-abortion argument after another. For instance, in response to the claim that “every woman has the right to control her body and make her own reproductive choices,” Nathalia pointed out, “What they forget is that the mother and the baby are not biologically one and the same thing.”

To the claim that “no one can say with certainty when flesh becomes a person,” Nathalia stated that even the Encyclopedia Britannica recognized back in 1974 the distinct life created at fertilization.

And to those who claim that laws against abortion amount to unnecessary “government interference,” Nathalia pointed to time-honored statutes against the taking of innocent human life. When a life is threatened, the government actually has a duty to intervene.

Nathalia ended her well-reasoned speech by stating that “our purpose is to not only make abortion unlawful but ultimately unthinkable.” Certainly, that is a lofty goal, but it is also an attainable one, thanks to the promise and perspective of young people such as Nathalia.

The next generation of pro-life advocates is just as impassioned as seasoned pro-life veterans, which means our movement is, indeed, in good hands.