Doctor-Assisted Suicide Died in Nevada Senate Tuesday night

By Nevada Right to Life

Editor’s note. By rule, the full Nevada Senate had to act by midnight last night on SB165, a bill to legalize doctor-assisted suicide. It did not.

This victory was hard fought. It took each of your calls, emails, texts, online votes, and powerful testimony. It was humbling to watch and it was incredible to be a part of. Thank you!

The odds were stacked against us. The votes were not ours. At the beginning of the session, many of us feared the worst. But we took action, remained flexible, adapted, stayed positive, and built a strong coalition. We took not a single vote for granted and talked to every senator, at least once. And. The. Votes. Changed.

Time and again, when presented with the truth of assisted suicide, the general public and legislators are shocked. Please continue to educate yourself and others about assisted suicide. Let’s make it unthinkable.

Take Action.

Please email every senator you contacted and thank them for killing SB165

SB165 died for lack of enough votes. Thanking them now will help them know that many of us oppose physician assisted suicide and we are watching.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,