The National Right to Life Victory Fund Needs Your Help to fight an historic battle

When a newborn baby first opens her eyes, she sees, feels, and hears the wonder of the world around her. She snuggles in response to mommy’s touch. She responds to her mother’s soft voice as she cradles her precious baby. Mother’s gentle hands rock her to sleep. The little one is safe and secure. All is right. All is as it should be.

Tragically, however, not every baby gets to be held, to be cradled, to be nurtured. The lives of nearly a million unborn babies, created in the image and likeness of God, are sacrificed on the altar of “choice” each and every year.

Planned Parenthood and its new president Leana Wen are counting on the public to ignore the deliberate and calculated slaughter of unborn children. But thanks to your dedication and devotion, National Right to Life will keep the abortion issue at the forefront of our political discussion and the leadership of Congress in pro-life hands.

No matter that the media stubbornly refuses to present the truth about unborn babies fairly and honestly. With your help, we are countering their pro-abortion bias with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other digital resources.

This kind of education is crucial. But so, too, is electing women and men at the state and federal levels.

Our state affiliates are working doubly hard to pass laws that protect pain-capable unborn children and stop the heinous practice of dismemberment abortion. These pro-life laws are made possible only because you and I together elected pro-life women and men.

At the federal level, we continue to fight for laws to protect unborn children and their mothers from an unscrupulous abortion industry and to further life-affirming policies that recognize the inherent dignity and value of every human life, not just the “planned and the perfect.”

We are battling tirelessly to keep the House and the Senate out of the hands of Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer. As you know, they are proving they do anything to win. You and I can’t allow this to happen.

With the mid-term elections rapidly approaching, National Right to Life is gearing up for an historic battle. This is the opportunity for you and your pro-life family and friends to make an invaluable contribution.

Now truly is the time to make a lifesaving donation to the National Right to Life Victory Fund, the focal point in a massive national effort to thwart the forces of death.

Planned Parenthood and NARAL have virtually limitless resources. What the National Right to Life Victory Fund has is entirely the result of your faithfulness. In the light of the urgency of the situation, may I ask you to consider digging deep to help?

Brochures, digital and broadcast ads, and calls to pro-life voters around the nation all require tremendous financial resources—resources we desperately need if we are going to win on behalf of unborn babies and their mothers November 6. What am I asking?

If you increase your regular contribution to $2,500 or $1,000, or even to $500, $250 or $100, you will be helping to underwrite the battle to save and protect innocent human life. Every contribution—$5,000 or $50, or any amount—will be deeply appreciated. I promise that your contributions to the National Right to Life Victory Fund will be used efficiently and effectively.

Thank you for standing with the National Right to Life Victory Fund. May God continue to richly bless you for all you continue to do on behalf of His most defenseless little ones.

For THEIR lives,



Carol Tobias, President

P.S. Please pray for our staff and volunteers as they labor to help save all innocent human life.