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NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon sells custom favored ice cream to “defend reproductive freedom”?

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Editor’s note. My family and I will be on our vacation through September 7. I will occasionally add new items but for the most part we will repost “the best of the best” — the stories our readers have told us they especially liked.

Each day I swear I could post, at a minimum, one item under the category of “you can’t make this stuff.” Today menu item, so to speak, comes from NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon (See below.)30

Get it? Rocky Roe v. Wade? It looks pretty much like…..Rocky Road, but what the heck.

It’s $9.50 for a pint, so obviously this is a fundraiser for NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon and a way for @WhatstheScoopdx to get its brand wider recognition.

At least the ad doesn’t have a little girl taking a bite out of ice cream cone. I guess even NARAL draws the line somewhere.

Yes, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon’s initiative to sell custom-flavored ice cream as a means to “defend reproductive freedom” is a creative and attention-grabbing fundraising effort that highlights the organization’s advocacy for reproductive rights.

  1. Awareness and Fundraising: Selling custom-flavored ice cream serves as a way for NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon to raise awareness about reproductive rights issues while also raising funds to support their advocacy efforts. By offering a unique and enticing product, the organization can attract supporters and donors who may be interested in contributing to their cause.
  2. Engagement and Outreach: The initiative provides an opportunity for NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon to engage with the community and reach individuals who may not be familiar with their work. Through marketing and promotion of the custom ice cream flavors, the organization can spark conversations about reproductive freedom and encourage public support for their mission.
  3. Creative Messaging: The use of custom ice cream flavors with names or themes related to reproductive rights allows NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon to convey their message in a creative and memorable way. This can help make their advocacy more accessible and appealing to a broader audience, including those who may not typically engage with political or social issues.
  4. Cultural and Social Impact: Selling custom ice cream flavors tied to reproductive freedom can also contribute to broader cultural conversations about the intersection of food, politics, and social justice. By participating in this initiative, individuals can show their support for reproductive rights while enjoying a delicious treat, potentially sparking discussions among friends, family, and social circles.
  5. Promoting Solidarity: The sale of custom ice cream flavors may foster a sense of solidarity among supporters of reproductive rights, providing them with a tangible way to demonstrate their commitment to the cause. By purchasing and enjoying the ice cream, individuals can feel connected to a larger community of advocates working to defend reproductive freedom.

Overall, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon’s initiative to sell custom-flavored ice cream as a means to “defend reproductive freedom” is a creative and effective strategy for raising awareness, engaging supporters, and generating resources to support their advocacy efforts.


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