The Miracle of Life, as seen through the Eyes of Children

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

They came at just the right time.

Work had been bubbling up like a geyser before me, and I was swamped. Just when I was feeling overwhelmed, I saw two small faces peering at me through my office window.

I went outside my office door to investigate and I found them–five young children, accompanied by their pregnant mother. She had come to our office to pick up literature. Her boys and girls were there to see our soft-touch fetal models which show the child in the womb at various stages of development.

The children squealed in delight as I handed them each of the fetal models. To say they were excited would be a vast understatement.

Their mother took one of the larger fetal models to compare it with the child growing inside her. It was truly a touching sight.

Seeing the miracle of life through the eyes of these precious children was a tremendous gift. It reawakened my sense of responsibility for educating the public about the sanctity of human life.

I handed each of the children a parting gift–a fetal model to take home with them. They were thrilled.

And I was exuberant, seeing this as just one more proof that our work to restore protection for innocent life is not in vain.