Born the size of an iPad, “miracle baby” now doing well

Born three months early, weighing just 1 pound, 13 ounces

By Dave Andrusko

Roux was born just shy of three months early
(Image: Submitted)


Having already experienced six miscarriages, when Emma Maskery was rushed to the hospital in September, she feared the worst.

Daughter Roux was not due to be born for another three months when Maskery was quickly taken to a hospital in Lincolnshire, England, which is located about three hours from London.

According to reporter Ashley Franklin, Maskery was diagnosed with preeclampsia and doctors performed an emergency C-Section.

Roux was born September 16 weighing in at just 1 pound, 13 ounces–about the size of an iPad. But Maskery’s baby was by no means out of the woods, as Franklin explained.

Placed in the NICU, Roux condition deteriorated and doctors told Maskery she was critically ill.

“When we were told her condition was critical, we didn’t know if she would make it,” said Emma, who also has a son, Jack, 2, with her partner.

“The hardest part was not knowing and waiting. I had six miscarriages before falling pregnant with Roux, so she was my miracle.

“I didn’t know anything about prematurity in babies and they [the medical staff] had tried to prepare us with books – but I didn’t read them.

“I prepared myself by staying positive and telling myself she would be ok.

“The nurses were great as well – they were constantly reassuring us and were really, really positive.”

But there were still more hurtles to come, according to Franklin.

Doctors released Roux when she was nine weeks (“small enough to fit in the palm of her mother’s hand”) but after only three days she came down with what Maskery thought was a cold.

She immediately called an ambulance, but by the time the family had reached A&E, Roux had stopped breathing completely.

Emergency resuscitation was performed to try and bring the baby back around.

“That period is all a massive blur,” said Emma. “All I know is it felt like a lifetime.

“I have never felt so much worry – I was completely in bits.”

Doctors were successful in their attempts help Roux recover, though her parents were told that she had developed bronchitis, but her weak immune system meant that it was incredibly dangerous.

But fortunately, as Franklin reported, at five months old, Roux grown to the size of an average newborn baby “and her parents are incredibly proud of their little fighter.”

Maskery and her partner are “eternally grateful” to the nurses, Franklin reports.

“The nurses have all been great and we could never thank them enough,” said Emma.

“We even asked two of them to be Roux’s godmothers – and they said yes.”