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“This is exasperating”: young boy’s hilarious response when he learns mom is pregnant

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It is worth noting that this particular post was published on the day before my family embarked on a vacation several years ago. Of the thousands of posts I have written over the years, this is among my most highly regarded. I hope you will find it enjoyable.
The video entitled “This is exasperating” was only posted yesterday, but it has already attracted a considerable number of views.

The video is approximately one minute long, but the response of Trey (who is in a booster seat in the back of the car) to the news that his mother is having a third baby is highly amusing. The video begins with Trey’s mother stating, “I’m pregnant.” Trey immediately places his hands to his head in a gesture of frustration and asks, “What were you thinking?”

“Why do you have to get another baby? You just had two. So why do you, why do you…”

For a brief moment, Trey is at a loss for words, but then he adds, “This is exasperating.”

His mother, seeking another opinion, begins to ask Trey’s baby sister, Amaya, if she is happy with the news. However, Trey is just getting started.

“Why do you wish to have another child and simply replace one of your existing ones?” he enquired. “It is an excessive desire.”

An experienced mother, she reassured her son, “My dear, we would never replace you and Amaya. You will simply have another sibling to help take care of, or help take care of.”

Trey is unconvinced.

“That doesn’t make sense. This makes no sense,” he laments, as if he is the only adult in the car.

Why doesn’t it make sense?

“Because if it made sense then you’d just have two babies and you’d keep loving them forever and not having another baby between us.” She then turns to Amaya, who is an infant with a pacifier in her mouth, and asks her if she is happy about having a new brother or sister. When Amaya does not respond, Trey shifts gears.

“What kind of baby is that?” Mom is unsure.

“It might be a boy, or it might be a girl.”

Trey hopes it is not a boy because “a boy’s cry is even worse.”

How do you know?

“When I observed a baby crying at my school, that baby boy’s crying was even more distressing than Amaya’s.”

Sensing that she has reached the limits of this conversation, Mom says, “Well, Trey, I don’t know what to tell you about the crying. You just have to get used to it, OK?”


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