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What pro-lifers stand for

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It is imperative that we recognise the intrinsic value of every human being and act accordingly.

The media frequently employs the term “anti-abortion” to describe those who advocate for the right to life. It is accurate to state that we oppose abortion and other forms of infanticide, euthanasia and embryo-destructive research. However, our opposition to these practices is contingent upon our support for other, more fundamental principles.

What is our purpose? We are in favour of the proposition that human life is good, that it is worth living, and that it deserves respect and protection. We are for the proposition that every human being is of equal worth and dignity, and that every human being has a right to live.

The pro-life position rejects the notion of categorising humanity into those who possess rights and those who do not. The contemporary social order has come to recognize the injustice of past discrimination on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, and social status. We acknowledge that the intrinsic value of a human being is not contingent upon such characteristics.

The value of a human being is not contingent upon age, size, ability, dependency, stage of development, or the desires and decisions of others. It is not the case that the large are more valuable than the small. Those who are physically capable do not possess greater rights than those who are not. Those who are independent do not possess greater value than those who are vulnerable or in need of assistance.

The assertion that human beings possess intrinsic value and a right to life solely on the basis of their humanity is a valid one. This is not contingent upon the capacity to perform certain actions, but rather upon the fundamental nature of the human being as a being. This is why the value of every individual is to be respected. The value of each individual is to be respected.

The reasons for our opposition

Our opposition to the intentional killing of innocent human beings is based on our support for equal human dignity. This implies opposition to abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and embryo-destructive research.

Those who are pro-life oppose abortion because it results in the termination of a human life before the individual in question is born. The scientific facts of embryology and developmental biology make it clear that the unborn (the human embryo or fetus) is a distinct and living human organism, a full-fledged (though immature) member of the species Homo sapiens. Each of us has previously existed as an embryo and a fetus, in addition to having been an infant, toddler and adolescent.

It is a fundamental human right to be protected from the loss of one’s life, regardless of whether the individual is wanted or convenient.

The act of euthanasia and assisted suicide is fundamentally opposed by this organisation because it is a form of killing that is never the answer to the difficulties of life. It is the duty of all humans to receive compassion and care, regardless of disease, disability, or perceived quality of life.

We oppose embryonic stem cell research (but not adult or non-embryonic stem cell research) and human cloning because they require the destruction of human embryos. Embryos are human beings in the embryonic phase of life. Furthermore, all human beings, regardless of their outward appearance or location (e.g., a petri dish), should be treated with respect and not regarded as mere raw material to be used for the hypothetical benefit of others.

The practice of living our conviction

However, the concept of pro-life is not merely an ethical position; it is a way of life. To be genuinely pro-life is to live and act in accordance with that conviction.

It signifies the treatment of others with dignity and respect, irrespective of their opinions or beliefs. It implies aiding pregnant women in need.

This entails acknowledging the moral gravity and scale of abortion, which represents the most egregious injustice and the leading cause of death in American society today. It also necessitates taking action to save lives. It is necessary to educate ourselves, to engage in discourse with others, and to persuade them. One may also choose to support pro-life educational and legislative efforts through organisations such as the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL).

The pro-life position ultimately concerns the act of loving others, particularly those who are most vulnerable. It is about loving our neighbours as we love ourselves. Furthermore, love is not merely an emotional state. It is a commitment.


Daniel Miller is responsible for nearly all of National Right to Life News' political writing.

With the election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency, Daniel Miller developed a deep obsession with U.S. politics that has never let go of the political scientist. Whether it's the election of Joe Biden, the midterm elections in Congress, the abortion rights debate in the Supreme Court or the mudslinging in the primaries - Daniel Miller is happy to stay up late for you.

Daniel was born and raised in New York. After living in China, working for a news agency and another stint at a major news network, he now lives in Arizona with his two daughters.

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