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Farewell Jean Garton, Farewell My Friend

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Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from a post by National Right to Life News, honoring the memory and contributions of Jean Garton.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—On Monday, the pro-life community mourned the loss of one of its most steadfast and influential advocates, Jean Garton. Garton is known for her unwavering dedication and compassionate advocacy, which have profoundly shaped the movement. As we bid farewell to a beloved friend and leader, we reflect on her enduring impact and the profound void her absence leaves.

Jean Garton was more than just an advocate; she was a pioneering force in the pro-life movement. Her journey began in the early years following the controversial Roe v. Wade decision, a ruling that galvanized many to action. With a background in education and a deep-seated belief in the sanctity of life, Garton quickly emerged as a prominent voice against abortion.

A Life of Advocacy and Education

In 1979, Jean Garton co-founded Lutherans for Life, an organization dedicated to promoting the pro-life message within the Lutheran community and beyond. As its first president, she tirelessly worked to educate and mobilize others, believing that knowledge and awareness were critical to fostering a culture of life. Her efforts extended beyond speeches and rallies to include the authoring of several influential books, including Who Broke the Baby?, a poignant exploration of the moral and ethical implications of abortion. This book became a cornerstone of pro-life literature, articulating the arguments against abortion with clarity and compassion. It was not merely a condemnation of the practice but a heartfelt plea for understanding and empathy. Garton’s capacity to establish rapport with individuals and to elucidate complex matters in a manner that is accessible and understandable contributed to her effectiveness and popularity as an advocate.

Champion of Life and Compassion

Throughout her life, Jean Garton demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the dignity of every human being. She held the conviction that every life, regardless of its stage of development, was of intrinsic value and deserved protection. This conviction informed her professional endeavors and served as an inspiration to those around her. Whether she was addressing a multitude of thousands or engaged in a private discourse, her message remained unwavering and unequivocal: life is invaluable, and it is our responsibility to safeguard it.

Garton’s advocacy extended beyond the unborn. She was a staunch advocate for women facing unplanned pregnancies, advocating for the provision of resources and support systems that would empower them to choose life. Her approach was marked by a profound recognition of the complexities inherent in these situations, and a commitment to providing comprehensive support that addressed both the physical and emotional needs of women.

Legacy and Impact

The legacy of Jean Garton is one of unwavering dedication and profound impact. Her work has resulted in the saving of innumerable lives and has inspired a new generation of pro-life advocates. Those who had the privilege of working with her recall her as a mentor, a friend, and a guiding light in the often challenging battle for life.

Her influence is evident in the continued efforts of organizations like Lutherans for Life, which remains a vital part of the pro-life movement. Garton’s teachings and writings continue to resonate, providing a moral and intellectual foundation for ongoing advocacy. Her capacity to articulate the pro-life position with both conviction and compassion has established a benchmark for effective advocacy.

Personal Reflections and Tributes

A multitude of tributes to Jean Garton have been received from individuals across the country. Colleagues, friends, and admirers have shared their recollections, emphasizing her benevolence, her erudition, and her unwavering dedication to her cause. Many recall her as a source of strength and inspiration, a person whose unwavering faith and determination were an example to others.

“Jean was not merely a leader; she was a friend and mentor to a great many of us,” stated Carol Tobias, president of the National Right to Life Committee. “Her wisdom and guidance have profoundly influenced the pro-life movement.” We will sorely miss her, but her legacy will continue to inspire and guide us.


As we bid farewell to Jean Garton, we recall a life well-lived in service to others. Her contributions to the pro-life movement have left an indelible mark, one that will continue to influence and inspire for years to come. In honoring her memory, we reaffirm our commitment to the cause she so passionately championed. The legacy of Jean Garton serves as a testament to the potency of conviction and the enduring impact of a life dedicated to the defense of the most vulnerable among us.

For further information regarding Jean Garton’s work and contributions to the pro-life movement, please click here.


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