10 pro-life things you can do while you’re snowed in

Editor’s note. We live in Virginia now, but we come from Minnesota. So we know all about being “snowed in.” The following comes from our friends at Wisconsin Right to Life, NRLC’s state affiliate. And while it refers to those times when weather keeps you inside, the suggestions are excellent whenever you can make time to help those who need our help (or our affection).

Nothing is more “Wisconsin” than a snowstorm! While you’re stuck inside, whip up some cocoa, grab some cookies, and check out the pro-life things we recommend you do while we are all snowed in!

1.) Give your mom a call today. (Trust us, it’s always been too long since your last call.) Thank her for choosing life for you!

2.) Check in on any elderly neighbors. Too often those in frail conditions are forgotten or ignored, and your visit can save a life in this cold weather – or perhaps just give some well-appreciated company!

3.) Are you still looking for a last-minute Christmas gift? Give a gift to WRTL in a friend or family member’s name.  Let them know that this is a gift of LIFE!

4.) Write a letter or an email to your legislator (find yours here). If they are pro-life, thank them for standing for life, and encourage your legislator to help end dismemberment abortion.

5.) Want to go to the March for Life? Take this time to register for our trip!

6.) See if a mom near you needs help with snow removal. Choosing life is awesome, but sometimes it means you don’t have the time or resources to shovel or find a snow blower because you are taking care of your little human. Be a blessing to her and her child, and give a mom a hand!

7.) Read up on the latest pro-life news – you never know when a pro-life fact might come in handy! WRTL’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are full of curated pro-life news that keep you informed!

8.) Bake some cookies for the employees and volunteers at your local pregnancy resource center to deliver later this week. Let them know their work to help support babies, mothers, and their families is truly appreciated!

9.) Start planning your trip to WRTL’s Biannual Legislative Conference. Many special guests have been invited (Like Gov. Scott Walker and AG Brad Schimel) and the Legislative Conference is an excellent opportunity to learn how to engage your leaders for the right-to-life cause.

10.) Spend the day thinking of some pro-life goals for next year. Do you want to volunteer more with your local right-to-life chapter? Do you want to commit to contacting your legislators more regularly? Do you want to learn more about a particular pro-life topic? Write your goals down, make a game plan, and remember that every effort you make truly makes a difference for life!