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3 A.M. reflections on abortionist Ulrich Klopfer

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Editor’s note. We’ve posted many stories about itinerant abortionist Ulrich Klopfer, most recently on August 26 when his Indiana medical license was suspended.

I did not see the following post until today. Although you and I are reading this after the fact, it is a very thoughtful and is very much worth your time.

It is just after 3 a.m. and I returned a few minutes ago from the Medical Licensing Board hearing where the Board members decided to suspend the license of Abortionist Ulrich Klopfer. The picture [that accompanies the article] was taken a couple of hours ago when it became apparent that the outcome would not be favorable for the abortionist.

While he can apply for reinstatement after fulfilling several requirements including education, paying fines, court costs and investigation costs of the Indiana Attorney General’s staff, he will also need to appear before the Board prepared to present a clinical plan for updating his medical skills. It is unlikely that he will complete these requirements given that he will be 76 this year. He cannot reapply any sooner than 6 months.

While there is some satisfaction in seeing the career of an abortionist come to an end, it is a very sad tale.

Abortionist Klopfer told the Board members in his testimony today that he and his family escaped from East Germany when he was a child and they spent some time in a refugee camp. They immigrated to the U.S. and after finishing high school and college he entered medical school and ultimately became an ob-gyn.

Almost immediately he began his career as an abortionist and has performed abortions for over 40 years. Best estimates put the total number of abortions he has performed at well over 50,000.

It is interesting to note that during his testimony, Klopfer’s own words really sealed his fate.

He readily admitted his belief that his duty as a doctor was to perform abortions on minor girls and not report them as child sexual abuse victims to the authorities [as required by law] but rather return them to abusive situations with their parents.

He readily admitted that he advised parents to take their daughters to other states where they did not have to report to the authorities.

The incredulous Board members were rightly outraged.

One Board member noted that no doctor had ever come before the Board readily admitting to not reporting child sexual abuse and promoting ways to cover it up. I am not sure the suspension would have occurred had Klopfer not testified against himself in this way.

This is a sad tale of an immigrant with a bright future ending up in the latter years of his life in this way. While I am glad his nefarious deeds have stopped, I cannot rejoice.

There is not victory here for the thousands of preborn boys and girls who never had a birthday, or their mothers who are now the mothers of dead babies. There is no victory for a broken old man who has wasted a wonderful career and there is no victory for those of us who have invested our hearts and souls over years bringing him to justice.

May God receive all the glory for whatever glory there is in this heartbreaking story.

Cathie Humbarger also serves as Executive Director of Allen County Right to Life and her office is next-door to Ulrich Klopfer’s former abortion facility in Fort Wayne. Humbarger was onsite for Klopfer’s hearing at the Indiana Medical Licensing Board. She sat through the hearing, including hours of testimony from 8:30 a.m. on Thursday to 2:00 a.m. on Friday.


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