“Because if a single life does not matter… then what does?”

By Dave Andrusko

abortionholocaustvideo2I ran across a link to “Abortion: The Modern Holocaust” on the webpage of the Louisiana Pro-Life Federation, NRLC’s state affiliate. There we read this powerful pro-life video was created by Mandeville High School student Isabella Del Rio!

The creator of this brief but very poignant You Tube video describes herself as a “self-taught artist.” What an understatement!

It’s amazing how much she packs into 1:31. A explanation that 50 million unborn babies are lost worldwide; (at least) 93% of all abortions are for social reasons; we lose almost 3,000 babies a day in the United States alone; and that many people have forgotten the foundational truth captured in Dr. Seuss’s “Horton Hears a Who”:

“A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

The creative force that Ms. Del Rio is comes out beautifully in the music accompaniment—Matt Maher’s stirring, “The Waiting”—and during the entirety of the video where we see the hand of an artist rapidly sketching an unborn child, from her very rough outlines (so to speak) to her full development just prior to birth.

The video is hugely impressive.  But nowhere more so than the end. All these lost lives, and yet the Pro-Life Movement continues–and continues to grow.


“Because if a single life does not matter….
then what does?”