Couple lovingly documents “Our little 9 month project” in 90 seconds!

By Dave Andrusko

pregnancy4When I first watched “Introducing,” the whimsy thought crossed my mind this is almost the pro-life equivalent of one of those “Fast and Furious” movies.

If you go to, you’ll find a minute and a half long video that in a very innocent and affectionate way illustrates the growth of a baby from conception to birth.

The mother and father sweetly document “Our little 9 month project” via a time-lapse video which culminates with the birth of Amelie Amaya.

As the Daily Mail’s Marcus Barnes describes the video “shows her midriff grow from a rather toned and flat belly to an oversized protrusion towards the end of her pregnancy and, finally, the arrival of their beautiful baby girl. The well-produced video condenses the whole nine-month experience into just 90-seconds.”

First thought is how gently every phase is handled. For example, after the dad softly plants a kiss on the mother’s stomach, “They then high-five each other, presumably a rather innocent way to illustrate the conception of their baby girl,” in Barnes’ equally discrete explanation.

Second thought is the dad is unfortunately gone pretty much the entire length of the pregnancy (all 50 seconds of it). He shows up just in time for the birth.

Third and final thought is that I can imagine a girl/woman who has never been pregnant transfixed by the baby’s development, externally illustrated by the mom’s growing stomach. At three months, and perhaps battling morning sickness, it would be reassuring, I would imagine, to see that before you know it, the reward will be in your arms.

As I say, 90 seconds. Take a peek at