Young woman in India delivers five baby girls

By Dave Andrusko

quintuplets40Employees at a district hospital in Raipur, India, call the quintuplets born Saturday ‘five-star babies’ as they are probably the most premature quintuplets ever born in India. Raipur is the capital of the state of Chhattisgarh in central India.

As of the report, filed by the Times of India’s Ishita Mishra on Sunday, the five baby girls are all in a neo-natal intensive care unit to protect them from infection. Born small– the lowest weight is of 1 kg while the heaviest is of 1.5 kg–the encouraging news is that the newborns’ organs are fully developed.

According to Mishra, in 2014 Manita Kumari lost her first baby who was born after just three months.

The “Babies are premature and were just six to seven months in the womb,” said Dr. NP Pandey. “They all have very low-birth weight (LBW) and survival rate of LBW children even in best hospitals is low.”

But Manita, 25, “and her husband Mahesh are very happy to be blessed with five baby girls and are praying for their well-being,” the Times of India reported.

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