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My babies understood why I was aborting them, woman says

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A woman talking about her 2nd abortion said [1] :

“But I really feel good that I made the decision, not to have the baby. Again, I pretty much had made my decision, talked to myself, you know, constantly, talked to my sister, talked to the baby. ‘Cause I definitely believe that when you get pregnant, I don’t care if it is just a little … little form there… It feels, picks up on the vibes. I really do believe that. So it was important for me to let the baby know that. It just wasn’t a good idea to have another baby right now. Not this time in my life. That it was time for me to get on to other things that I have to do for me. Both times I felt that the baby understood that wasn’t the right time for it to come.”

Did her babies really “understand” and accept the fact that they was going to be torn limb from limb in an abortion?

If the baby could think and perceive [as the woman believed], do you really think he or she would understand and accept their fate?

[1] Sumi Hoshiko, Our Choices: Women’s Personal Decisions about Abortion (New York: Harrington Park Press, 1993) 89.

The assertion that babies understand the decision to abort them, as claimed by a woman, raises significant questions and concerns about the nature of fetal consciousness, the ethics of abortion, and the psychological impact of such statements.

From a scientific perspective, the idea that fetuses possess cognitive awareness or understanding of their own existence is not supported by empirical evidence. Current research indicates that fetal consciousness, if it exists at all, emerges much later in pregnancy and is significantly different from the cognitive processes associated with adult consciousness.

Moreover, the assertion that babies comprehend the decision to terminate their own lives is ethically troubling and challenges fundamental notions of autonomy and consent. In the context of abortion, where one party holds absolute power and control over the other’s life, it is essential to prioritize the rights and well-being of the unborn, who are unable to advocate for themselves or express their desires.

Additionally, such statements may have psychological implications for women who have undergone abortions, as they may internalize feelings of guilt, shame, or confusion about the decision and its implications for their unborn child. It is crucial to approach discussions about abortion with sensitivity and empathy, recognizing the complex emotions and experiences that individuals may grapple with.

Ultimately, claims that babies understand or consent to their own abortion are not supported by scientific evidence and raise profound ethical and psychological concerns. As society continues to grapple with the complexities of abortion and reproductive rights, it is essential to prioritize compassion, empathy, and informed dialogue that respects the dignity and humanity of all individuals involved.


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