Police Chief testifies Bollig confessed he gave girlfriend abortifacient

By Dave Andrusko

Scott Bollig

Scott Bollig

For the last post of the day, I’d like to provide an update on still another case of a boyfriend accused of killing his unborn baby by secretly giving his pregnant girlfriend an abortifacient. The narrative is very complicated.

Last week the jury heard from Naomi Abbott, the woman who lost her baby, and WaKeeney, Kansas, Police Chief Terry Eberle.

Abbott testified that her refusal to abort made her relationship with Scott Bollig, “very tense.”

Bollig, she said, did not want to be involved at all “but did not want Abbott to move out of the state, as she was planning, as it would deny his family the opportunity to be with the child,” according to reporter James Bell.

On a Sunday in late January 2014, Bollig cooked pancakes for her . By Thursday she was seeking medical treatment for extreme nausea and dehydration, Bell reported.

Following that visit, she said she was admitted to the hospital for IV treatment of a urinary tract infection, chlamydia, dehydration, nausea and extreme cramping.

The following morning, Abbott said she awoke finding herself covered in blood. …

It was later confirmed she had lost the baby.

Abbott testified she didn’t believe Bollig had done anything wrong and continued their relationship, even though the night she was discharged, “law enforcement during the drive home and asked [her] to return to the hospital for blood tests and to sign paperwork that would allow for an autopsy of the baby,” according to Bell’s reporting.

Things changed, however, she testified, when he admitted to Abbott he had done something to terminate the pregnancy, but did not go into details. He informed her he intended to confess to police the next day, she told jurors.

Even with the confession, however, and an order of no contact for Bollig, Abbott admitted that she had visited with him.

Eberle testified that on February 20 [the day after talking to Abbott], Bollig told him “he he had sprinkled a drug called mifepristone [an abortifacient] on pancakes eaten by Abbot,” Bell reported.

Eberle testified Bollig provided evidence to Eberle and a Kansas Bureau of Investigation officer that he had bought the pills online and admitted to crushing the pills in preparation for breakfast, when he sprinkled the crushed pill on top of pancakes he served to Abbott.

During the examination of Eberle, however, the defense found several errors in testimony he had given at a preliminary hearing, mostly on specific dates and times conversations had happened.

More tomorrow.