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Millions view time-lapse video of a mom’s entire nine-month pregnancy – andy fragen

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I readily concede that I am susceptible to the appeal of time-lapse videos that “document” a baby’s development from the earliest stages to delivery and beyond. It is evident, however, that I am not the only individual who exhibits such a proclivity.

By following this link, one can access the original 1:32 video. A visit to YouTube will yield further information about the project, which is described as “A Photo Every Pregnancy Day for 9 Months.” It has been estimated that the video has been viewed over three million times.

Upon learning of her pregnancy, the mother resolved to document her changing body and the growth of her unborn child through a daily photographic record. The methodology employed is ingenious.

From the side, she extends a large pink balloon and imitates inhaling the air. As the balloon diminishes in size, the subject increases the size of her inhalation until the balloon is completely empty.

Ultimately, the subject is positioned with her back to the camera. The subject then turns around, and—to the viewer’s surprise—the mother is holding her infant daughter.

What distinguishes this video from the multitude of similar productions? The infant was born around the Christmas season. The background music is a cover of “Let It Snow!” sung in a manner that is both pleasant and upbeat.

The expressions of the mother. It is not my intention to provide a detailed description of these individuals. Observe her behavior and you will be able to comprehend the meaning I am attempting to convey.

The message:

She has arrived. It’s a Christmas miracle 

I hope this video teaches women all over the world that pregnancy is something very beautiful and magical. Have a blessed 2015 everyone!

Have a look at it on YouTube.


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